The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 8

That Old Feeling

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Blanche gets word that her brother-in-law, Jamie, is in town and wants to visit. The girls are all enthralled by Jamie, and Blanche is struck by how much she is reminded of George in him. When they go out, all the two of them do is talk about George. Meanwhile, Sophia takes Rose's car and gets upset when Dorothy won't allow her to drive, even though she got her license renewed. Later, when she has a car accident, Dorothy is convinced that she was right not to let her mother drive. Blanche believes that she is falling wildly in love with Jamie, and confides to the girls that she might be "Mrs. Devereaux" all over again. Dorothy and Rose caution her not to move too quickly, but Blanche throws caution to the wind and even tells Jamie about her feelings for him. Jamie responds by saying that he feels something, too; however, he believes that Blanche is in love with the memory he evokes of her dead husband, and not Jamie himself. Blanche realizes that he is right, and says, "I miss him so much."
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