The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 8

That Old Feeling

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1989 on NBC

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  • Blanche is in love with her brother-in-law...

    Although this episode seemed interesting to watch from the summary, in reality it did not end up seeming that way after watching it. In the main plot, Blanche is extremely excited because her late husband’s brother, Jamie has come to Miami for a visit. She soon becomes just as infatuated with him as she was with her husband, George. Blanche is convinced that she is going to marry Jamie and although she professes her love to him, he does not reciprocate it back to her. This ends up devastating Blanche.

    For me, I think it was quite evident how this part of the episode was going to turn out. This is mostly from the fact that the show went on for 4 more seasons. However, this episode drew on the ideas of many other plots from all kinds of shows, be it drama or comedy. One could easily suspect that Jamie would say that the only reason that Blanche wants to be with him is because he reminds her of her late husband, George. That’s not to say that the acting of the two characters, especially that of George Grizzard as Jamie Devereaux, was not delightful, for it was. However, even though the writers did try, the plot was easy to see coming a mile away.

    The biggest note of this episode is that George Grizzard is playing George's brother who looks just like him. In the next season, he ends up playing George Devereaux in the episode entitled "Mrs. George Devereaux".

    The subplot of this episode was a tad bit more interesting, but the left a lot to be desired. In it, Sophia has been sneaking out of the house and driving even though she is not supposed to. Even though she is short, she ends up using a phone book to see out of the windshield. Once she’s finally caught, Sophia admits that she did it because she has been going out on dates with a blind man. Later on, Sophia ends up in an accident and Dorothy becomes outraged. She then tells Rose she has no idea what to do with her.

    As previously mentioned, this part of the episode was more interesting, however it had a major flaw. This occurred because it is never revealed what Dorothy’s decision was about what to do with Sophia and her driving. It basically left the audience hanging. I feel that if it was going to be a part of the episode, even if it was the subplot, it would have been nice to see how the situation was resolved.

    I would have to say in retrospect, that this episode of The Golden Girls was not enjoyable to watch. I mean it was obvious how Blanche’s storyline was going to play out and that combined with the unconcluded Sophia plot, made this episode one of the few episodes of this series that I deemed quite boring, I’m sad to say.