The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 14

That Was No Lady

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

Out on the lanai, Rose and Sophia are playing trivial pursuit. Sophia's answers, of course, do not match up with the ones on the card, even though she insists that they are. Blanche comes out, giddy with excitement, and explains that she's finally going to go through with one of her long-standing dreams: to buy her dream car. She also convinces Rose to take her old car, rather than going to a dealer to trade it in.

Dorothy has some excitement of her own which she shares with the girls. She is seeing a guy from the school where she works and he's just perfect. Later, when Dorothy goes to meet the guy, Glenn, at a motel, she tells him how happy she's been the past three weeks. After she's done singing Glenn's praises about how sexy he is, how confident she feels with him, and how amazing their relationship is, Glenn tells her that he's married. He follows up by saying the marriage was over years ago. Stunned, Dorothy walks out on him.

That week, Glenn calls the house over and over again. Rose and Blanche inform him, as directed by Dorothy, that "she's gone away and never, ever coming back." Rose and Blanche, like an angel and a devil on Dorothy's shoulder, give her conflicting advice about what to do with Glenn. Blanche thinks she should go for the relationship because Glenn cares about her. Rose says that it's wrong. Thinking she's convinced Dorothy, Rose persuades her to come out to the kitchen for something to eat. When Rose and Blanche leave her alone, Dorothy sneaks in a quick call to Glenn, telling him she misses him and asking to meet with him.

When Dorothy returns home after meeting Glenn, Rose chews her out. Blanche defends her, then admits never having had an affair herself. When Sophia learns about what Dorothy has done, she is angry and disappointed, reminding Dorothy that she raised her to have some respect for herself. Dorothy defends her actions by claiming that Glenn makes her happy and that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, Rose confides to Blanche that her old car that Rose is using has been making strange noises. Blanche laughs it off, saying the noises will go away. Sophia asks Dorothy in private that if Glenn is making her so happy, why does she hear Dorothy pacing her room at night.

In the motel room, after a rendez-vous with Glenn, he gets dressed and tells Dorothy that if she wants to have dinner, they'll have to drive separately because he has to leave straight from the restaurant. Dorothy tells him to forget dinner, and confesses that she can not be the other woman in his life. Glenn tells her that he's too old to take a risk and walk out on his wife now. She tells him it's time to part ways.

In the meantime, a guilt-ridden Blanche confesses to Rose that her car is a lemon, and she can't in good conscience sell it to her. Rose then tells her that it got stolen, and the insurance money will pay the full value. Blanche is able to get her dream car after all, and the girls end up going "cruising," with Blanche adding that she knows a spot where men mudwrestle, as they walk out the door.

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