The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 4

That's For Me to Know

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy is writing a family history to give to the grandkids, and she's interviewing Sophia to find out some details. Meanwhile, Blanche is excited to be installing a new hot tub.

When the city inspector comes by, however, Blanche is devastated to learn that the costs to upgrade her house in order to have three roommates will run her $10,000. The only solution the girls can think of is for one of them to leave.

Sophia is secretive about the contents of a box that she has, and Dorothy later finds it and pries it open, only to discover that her mother was married previously to another man.

As the girls agonize over which one of them should go, they decide to vote. It's unanimous that Dorothy be the one to leave. Dorothy comes up with an alternative: Blanche can deed the house to all of them and then they'll be owners. Blanche can't fathom the idea.

When the city inspector returns, Dorothy explains that they are all family, even while she and Sophia exchange insults. Blanche comes out and tells him that "these women are no longer my roommates" and informs the inspector that the girls are all co-owners of the house.

Dorothy confronts Sophia about hiding the truth from her all those years, only to find out that Sophia left an arranged marriage to come to America. Dorothy closes the documentary to the kids by letting him know that they are descendents of a courageous and independent woman who refused to be thought of as property.