The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 14

The Actor

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1987 on NBC
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The Actor
The community theater is putting on a play and each of the girls are planning on getting a part. Later, when they discover that a famous actor, Patrick Vaughn has been cast in the lead male role, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose each vie for the lead female role. Patrick soon begins romancing each one of them on the sly. Meanwhile, Sophia gets a job at Captain Jack's Seafood Shanty.moreless

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  • The girls and community theater

    This is actually one of my favorite episodes. The girls are gearing up for the annual production of community theater. They get very excited when they find out one of their favorite TV actors is going to play the lead. It's pretty funny how they all start acting like giddy little schoolgirls when they find out. The famous actor winds up dating Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and all the other female cast members at the same time without their knowledge! It was interesting to see some of how he did it. I only wish we could have seen more of this, but only so much can be shown in 30 minutes. It's a very entertaining episode and if a "Best of" series would ever be released, this most definitely should be on it.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Rose calls Patrick "pafluganockin" when she finds out he's been dating Dorothy too. When they ask her what she said, the second time she calls him "scarfluganockin."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Patrick: There's something I've been meaning to ask you all day.
      Rose: Mine are real!

    • Rose: (about Patrick) I hate to admit it, but he melts my Haagen-Daaz.
      Dorothy: Rose, you tramp!

    • Rose: Aren't you playing a tangerine in a television commercial?
      Patrick Vaughn: Yes.
      Blanche: Ooh, how exciting! Have you ever been a fruit before?
      Patrick Vaughn: No, but having been in the musical theater for thirty years, I've had my share of offers.

    • Rose: Dorothy, is this a good champagne?
      Dorothy: Gee, it's hard to tell... the "2 for $7" sticker is covering the year of the vintage.

    • Dorothy: He made me feel beautiful!
      Blanche: He made me feel young!
      Rose: He made me feel smart!
      Dorothy: God, what an actor!

    • (The girls coming home after the play and their humiliation by Patrick)
      Dorothy: I feel like such a fool.
      Blanche: Oh me too.
      Rose: Oh don't worry girls. The audience had a real good time and they got their money back on top of it.
      Dorothy: That's not what were talking about you titmouse. We were talking about how humiliated we all were by Patrick.
      Rose: Oh you're right. I feel so common, so cheap, so used. How do you usually deal with that Blanche?
      Blanche: Rose just for that, I'm going to flush the toilet tonight while you're taking a shower.

    • (Blanche reveals her newly inflated breasts.)
      Dorothy: My rear tires have less pressure in them!

    • Blanche: You sir are a dirt bag.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was videotaped on December 5, 1986.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche (in costume) on the stage where they are performing their play, after they have just learned that the "Actor" has been with all the women.


    • When she's dressed like Vasco de Gama, yes. Vasco de Gama was a famousPortuguese explorer who was the commander of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India.