The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 13

The Artist

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1987 on NBC

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  • Outlines the shows ability to be funny in a not so funny circumstance

    I didn't like this episodes premise but i loved the one liners and the sub plot of sophia and her practical jokes.
    'Dorothy, was sophia naked just now or does her dress really need ironing' God i love rose.
    I liked the scene where all the girls find out about each other seeing lazlo. It was funny, especially when rose finds out that dorothy was seeing him
    Rose:I'm relieved
    Blanche: Why relieved?
    Rose: because those horrible pictures you found, must have been dorothy'
    I was choking
    I also liked the part when blanche sat on the whoopy cushion. Although what's weird is whoopy cushions need to be blown up again after someone sat on them, although after blanche sat on it, dorothy is surprised that when sophia sits on it, it didn't sound. In the end though lazlo is gay Brillant writing. Christopher lloyd. Ended up working on frasier
  • Sophia is priceless... the rest is "eh"

    This is a pretty good episode, although probably not a favorite of mine. It's good to watch the first time when you don't know what's going to happen, but it's much less interesting when you're watching it over again. It's funny but not hillarious like a lot of the episodes. I did enjoy Sophia's pratical jokes, however. She is hysterical. The whoppee cushion incidents were great, and the scene in the gallery at the end when Sophia "breaks" the priceless antique is priceless (I'm thinking they don't show that scene on Lifetime, which is really a shame because it's one of the funnier parts of the episode.) This is another episode that I really feel is saved by Sophia, because otherwise it wouldn't really be that amusing.
  • The girls all think that an artist wants to use them as part of his sculpture.

    The only thing I really liked about this storyline was when the girls learn that Lazlo was gay and that he used part of all of them in the sculpture and that he had a lover. I liked seeing them all at his office trying to get his attention. All in all an above average episode.
  • Sculpting a superb piece of work

    The Artist is another fine installment from Season 3 of The Golden Girls. Christopher Lloyd penned this one. By this time, it was pretty clear which episode was a Lloyd versus which was a Fanaro/Nathan versus which was a Hervey versus which was a Speer/Grossman.

    Lloyd's episodes were usually fairly simply toned but involved quirky storylines. This one is no different, with the "artist" plot dominating this episode. The artist and the girls' behaviors when around the artist are the quirky aspects of this episode. The result is good-natured, light fare.

    Furthermore, there were moments of comedic brilliance inundating the episode. When Sophia learns of the three girls posing nude for Laszlo's sculpture, she retorts: "In the future, a simple 'None of your business, Sophia' will suffice!" Dorothy's revelation that she has also been posing nude for Laszlo was a brilliant comedic moment (Bea Arthur's face of the confident "gotcha" as she holds out her key in arrogant elegance is unforgettable).

    Another great moment occurs when the three of them confront Laszlo about which one he will choose for his sculpture. When Laszlo says he has not decided, Blanche goes to great lengths to encourage him to choose her. Her last remark involving a violin was a perfect touch to the scene.

    A Christopher Lloyd episode is centered on punch lines, whether oral or physical. Take, for example, Sophia's entrance in the opening sequence of the episode. When Dorothy asks how Bingo went, Sophia responds with silence and the opening of her jacket. That would be funnier than any worded response she could give.

    Or take Sophia's attempts to pull practical jokes on Dorothy. She has the bottle of peanut brittle, the kaleidoscope -- but neither of these obvious tricks fool Dorothy -- it's the whoopy cushion. Sometimes the better punch line is physical than anything spoken.

    And Lloyd further capitalizes on this comedic effect. When Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche discuss what to do about Laszlo's sculpture, Dorothy subtlely picks up the can of peanut brittle -- and, of course, the snakes come rushing out. Perfect.

    Lloyd was a master of sensual comedy as much as he was of spoken comedy, and this episode is emphasized by this compatibility. As the scultpure is unveiled, for example, the girls walk around it celebrating their independent "victories" of being chosen. As Laszlo reveals that the sculpture is actually of all three of them, Blanche finally gets the nerve to ask Laszlo out. But he turns her down because of his romantic interest. Although his interest has a terrific line: "Looks like we're a hit." The scene is accentuated by the silly look on his face and his quirky walk. Perfect.

    The Artist is another great installment from this fine television series. It's the small things that add up to a great half hour.