The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 2

The Case of the Libertine Belle

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

The girls join Blanche on the murder mystery weekend that Blanche has organized for the museum's annual outing. If the weekend is a success, she might get a shot at being the assistant of Kendall Nesbitt, the museum's Director of Acquisitons, but also faces competition with Posey McGlinn, another candidate who is also vying for the job. At dinner, no one can solve the mock murder, but Dorothy with her keen detective skillls manages to crack the case.

After dinner, Blanche gives Kendall her room key to come over to her room. Unfortunately, Blanche finds him murdered with a steak knife in his chest in her room and she becomes the main suspect. Miami Dade County Police Officer Lieutinant Alvarez concludes that Blanche commited the crime. But Dorothy comes to aid and establishes that Posey killed Nesbitt with the steak knife after accusing him of two-timing her. Dorothy once again solves the mystery. But when Alvarez charges Posey with the murder, Kendall appears. It was another mock murder! Kendall thanks Blanche for making the museum's annual outing a success and tells her thaat she's still running for the job.

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