The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 2

The Case of the Libertine Belle

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1991 on NBC

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  • Series Classic

    I love this episode. I'm not usually a fan of episodes that are set in environments other than the usual sound stage but with this episode the audience doesn't have a chance to take notice of that. When the first mystery begins it seems to be the four girls and only them that participate. Now that wouldn't be the case in real life but that is one of the flaws of the sitcom Genre. Once again Dorothy steals the show ( Bea wasn't nominated for an Emmy this season that is a travesty). 'Her mother was a slut to'
    'Patricide is an overwhelming male crime.. Although daughters often murder their mothers'

    Rose doesn't fall short either
    'Blanche you don't understand they'll send you to woman's prison'.
    The show has become so developed now, that inside Jokes of the show have become so well known, that the writers use them in the biggest moments knowing the audience will love it. 'Maybe that dagger will lead us to the murder weapon
    'St. Olaf' Says the policeman who's never met Rose

    Poor Blanche... flirtatious no matter what and Rue looked Wonderful Season 7.

    And Sophia well there would be no Dorothy without her and vice versa. No one can deliver a one liner like her
    To Blanche:'I thought hotels always gave you the group rating' Classic Comedy
  • Season 7, Episode 2.

    The seventh season of The Golden Girls is very enjoyable! I love the episodes I can remember from the season. I love the whole murder mystery thing. It's so great to see the girls in these weird situations. They can make comedy out of such a serious storyline so easily. Marc Cherry must be part of the genius, as he created the humorous hostage situation on Desperate Housewives. I'm surprised that The Golden Girls had so many viewers on Saturday night that they were able to stay on for seven seasons! Then again, I can understand with episodes as great as this one.
  • One of my favorites ...

    I disagree with the previous review. This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Rose is still clueless ("I've got it; the maitre d is some kind of waiter). Blanche is still slutty ("My my officer, your sweet words can charm the morning dew off of the honeysuckle"). Dorothy is still sarcastic ("Patricide is overwhelmingly a male crime, but daughters often murder their mothers!"). And Sophia is still Sophia (stealing the silverware and asking Dorothy to carry her heavy purse). Many people can argue that the last season wasn't up to par with the rest of the series, but this installment was no disappointment!
  • Did it jump the shark?

    This seemed a bit too alternate reality. I don't think it needed to be as dramatic as it was, they could've put a bit more humor into it. It just didn't seem to fit with these ladies characters. The story should have seen Blanche trying to get that position not having them go through a murder mystery. We didn't even find out at the end if she got it, we just learn she's still in the running for it. Not my favorite storyline.