The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 16

The Commitments

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy has a blind date but begs Blanche to take over for her that evening because she's managed to secure a ticket to Beatlemania and wants very badly to go. Blanche agrees, and when the gentleman (Jerry) arrives, he's tall and handsome and so attractive that both Rose and Sophia pretend to be Dorothy as well.

The next morning, Dorothy is elated and Blanche is furious. One of the Beatle impersonators came home with Dorothy while Blanche didn't get any action at all.

Sophia is disgusted with Dorothy bedding the "loser" who plays George Harrison, criticizing Dorothy for the "British Invasion" going on in her bedroom, and Blanche can't figure out why after four dates Jerry hasn't even so much as tried to hold her hand.

Thinking she's lost her sex appeal, Blanche has Jerry pick her up in a tawdry motel and tries to seduce him. He storms off, embarrassed and confused. Meanwhile, Dorothy claims that she is Don's muse and has encouraged him to venture off and perform his own work.

Jerry comes over per Blanche's request, only to reveal to a surprised Blanche that he is old-fashioned and wants to romance her before the relationship gets physical. Dorothy realizes that she's sunk to a new low in lusting after a fake Beatle after she hears him perform a tribute to her from the evening before entitled, "Dot: What a Girl I Got."