The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 7

The Competition

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

We open to some humming from Sophia as she's cooking in the kitchen. Dorothy enters the kitchen, and asks what she's cooking. Sophia tells her she's cooking some spaghetti sauce. Dorothy tastes it, and comments that it's her 14 hour sauce. She reminds her that she hasn't cooked that sauce since their Uncle Dominic married off his daughter; who she thinks looks like Tony Bennett. She insists that she wants to know why she's making the sauce. Sophia tells her there's no particular reason. Rose comes into the kitchen next asking if Sophia is making Chef Boyardee. Sophia holds up her knife, and tells her that sticking it in her heart will hurt less. Blanche comes into the kitchen to show everyone her new bowling ball that she bought. She pulls it out, and asks everyone what they think. Dorothy jokes about it being an earring, and tells her that she'd have to try both of them on. She announces that she bought the bowling ball to help her and Rose win the bowling tournament this year. Dorothy comments that she thought the Nielsen twins were doing pretty well this year. Blanche says that it's just about having fun, and asks Rose to tell everyone about the fun they had last year. Rose gets a funny look on her face, and says last year was okay. Dorothy thinks that maybe she should find a partner to enter the tournament with because she used to be a decent bowler. Sophia tells her that she was a great bowler with a 180 average score. Dorothy tells Sophia that she thinks she was a better bowler. Sophia agrees with her, adding she does everything better than Dorothy. She samples her sauce, and says that if her sauce was a person, she would get naked and make love to it. Dorothy notes that maybe her and Sophia can pair up for the bowling tournament. Sophia tells her she's too busy. Rose says that she might be able to help her find a partner, but Dorothy asks Sophia why she's too busy. Sophia pulls out a note and hands it to Dorothy. She reads it, and it's a letter from a man named Augustine. Sophia tells Dorothy that Augustine was a man from her village that she was engaged to once. Blanche is amazed Sophia has a past, but Sophia retorts that she did but that she didn't need penicillin to get through it. Dorothy tells Sophia she never heard this story before, and asks her what happened with the engagement. Sophia says that Augustine went off to fight the war, and she never heard from him again until today. Rose wonders why he would look her up after all this time. Sophia tells her that Augustine was crazy about her because she was the only one in the village that didn't want to be a nun. She then catches Blanche dipping bread into her sauce, and shoos her away from the pot.

Sophia comes out for her date with Augustine dressed in all black. Sophia asks how she looks, and Dorothy comments she looks like a widow in mourning. Sophia says that it'll let him know she's available. Rose comes home from the bowling alley and, seeing her outfit, asks Sophia if her friend died. Dorothy comments that he hasn't arrived yet. Dorothy asks Rose if she got her a partner for the bowling tournament. Rose says she did, and that she's signed up. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Sophia gets up herself saying she doesn't want him to think she has arthritis. She opens the door, and Augustine is on the other side. They both joke that they've shrunk over the years. Dorothy introduces herself, and then leaves the two alone so that they can talk. Sophia and Augustine sit down on the couch to catch up on old times. Augustine gives his condolences for Sal's passing, and Sophia comments she's been in mourning for 22 years. Augustine says that his wife has been dead for 31 years now. Sophia asks if his wife's father was the one that would drink and play with the top all day. Augustine nods his head, and says that he lived with them for two years after they got married and then drank himself to death. They both agree to go for a walk.

In the kitchen, Rose spies on them as they go out. Dorothy tells her to stop, but Rose says she can't help it. She thinks it's so cute that he looked for Sophia after all these years. She wonders why Italian men are so romantic. Dorothy comments that it's the tight pants. Dorothy asks who her partner is in the bowling tournament. Rose comments that she's been wanting to talk with her about that, but before she can, Blanche storms into the kitchen. She comments over and over again that she's stunned. Dorothy asks if she's trying to tell them that she's stunned. Blanche tells Dorothy not to joke around with her because she saw the sign-up sheet and that Rose dumped her as a partner for Dorothy. Rose tells Blanche that she acted alone, and tells her that she knows Dorothy's a better bowler, and she wants to win this year. Dorothy asks Rose why she would do a thing like this. Rose tells them that she has a problem when it comes to athletics, and that she gets too competitive. She adds that she had to transfer high schools because of a field hockey incident. Dorothy tells Rose that it was a terrible thing to do, and tells her that she's not going to be her partner. Blanche tells them that she wants the two to stay partners because she already paired up with Olga Nielsen. Rose says that's impossible because she always bowls with her twin sister, Sonya. Blanche tells her that Olga's sister was sleeping with her boyfriend. Blanche tells Rose she can't wait to whoop her butt in the tournament. Rose tells Dorothy that Olga is a good bowler, and they could beat them. Dorothy again tells her that she's not bowling with her. Rose begs for Dorothy to be her partner. Dorothy relents, and tells her that she'll be her partner. Rose thanks her, and promises nobody will get hurt unless they lose.

Out on the patio, Dorothy is planting when Sophia comes in. Dorothy asks what she's been up to, and Sophia tells her she took Augustine to the café in the mall. Dorothy notes that she and Augustine have been very close these past few days. Sophia says Augustine is a gentleman, and every time she leaves the table he always stands up. Dorothy says that it's too bad that Augustine has to go back to Sicily so soon. Sophia comments that she's glad she feels that way because Augustine wants Sophia to go back to Sicily with him for a festival where they first met 65 years ago. Dorothy says she's sorry, but that she can't let her go. Sophia says she wasn't asking for her permission, and that she's going back anyways. Dorothy tells her she forbids it because Sophia's had a stroke and high blood pressure, and is worried about her flying. Sophia says that she doesn't care about the risks at her age, and tells her that she's still going. Dorothy admits that she's a grown woman, and she can make her own decisions. Sophia thanks her for agreeing then asks if she can borrow $1,200 for the airfare. Dorothy says no. Sophia can't believe that she's not going to let her go. Rose asks what the issue is. Dorothy tells her to stay out of it. Sophia tells Rose that Dorothy is trying to keep her and Augustine apart. Rose can't believe that Dorothy would do such a thing. Sophia comments there were times she wishes Rose was her daughter. Sophia tells Dorothy she's a disappointment. She says that she can understand why Rose is dumping her as a bowling partner. Dorothy tells her that Rose dumped Blanche, not her. Sophia says she heard otherwise. Rose tells Dorothy that Sophia is right. Dorothy comments that Rose begged her to be her partner, and now she's dumping her. Rose tells her that she knew that they could never beat Blanche and Olga so she paired up with Olga's sister, Sonya, to give herself a better chance. Rose insists that she needs to win. Dorothy tells Rose to get professional help. Blanche comes onto the patio and tells everyone that she's devastated. Blanche tells them that the Nielsen twins are back together again. She says that the man they were fighting over died, and when they found out they got back together for the tournament. Rose tells Blanche that it's too bad that she doesn't have anyone to bowl with now, and tells Dorothy that they're partners again and they need to practice. Dorothy tells Rose that she's dumping her, and tells Blanche that she'll be her partner in the tournament. Rose is devastated and says that now she doesn't have a partner in the tournament. Sophia tells Rose that she'll be her partner in the tournament. Sophia tells Dorothy that since she doesn't think she can take care of herself, she's going to show Dorothy whose better at bowling.

In the kitchen, Blanche has fallen asleep and is having a dream about being with one of her men. Dorothy keeps telling her to wake up, but Blanche won't be woken. She walks up to her and whispers in her ear that his wife will be home soon, and Blanche wakes up from her dream. She thinks it was real, but realizes it was a dream. Blanche tells Dorothy that was a terrible thing to do. Dorothy says that they need to get down to the bowling alley. Blanche says that it's too early to go down there. Dorothy reminds her that the tournament is tomorrow, and they need to practice. Blanche says she's practiced a lot, and says she just wanted to bowl because she looked good in her bowling outfit. Dorothy asks if she forgot that Rose dumped her for a partner. Blanche is enraged, and says that she hates being dumped. She recalls the last time she was dumped was when Wade Honeycutt dumped her for Rebecca Wilkinson. Dorothy asks if she let him get away with it. Blanche says she didn't, and said she got back at him by sleeping with his brother. They leave the kitchen, and Dorothy tells her to be quiet so that Sophia and Rose don't know that they're getting the extra practice. Just then, Rose and Sophia come through the door in their bowling outfits, revealing that they went to practice even earlier than Dorothy and Blanche. Rose comments on their late start, but Dorothy retorts that they're later because they don't need the practice. Sophia says that if Dorothy is so sure of herself then she wants to make a side bet with her for the match. Sophia says that if her and Rose win that Dorothy lends her the money so that she can go with Augustine to the festival. Dorothy says no, and Sophia calls her a chicken. Dorothy agrees, but says that if she and Blanche win, Sophia has to give her the antique earrings that she never lets Dorothy borrow. Sophia agrees. Before they leave, Rose asks Blanche if she wants to make a side bet with her. Blanche says she would, but that everything Rose owns is ugly.

Dorothy and Blanche arrive at the bowling alley for the tournament. They get lane 7, and Blanche is so happy they got that lane. Dorothy asks her if she's superstitious. Blanche says she isn't. The lane is adjacent to the men's locker room. Dorothy says they have more important things on their minds, but also takes a look over at the door. Rose and Sophia arrive, and say that their lane is also number 7. Blanche was under the impression that they were sharing the lane with the Nielsen twins. Rose tells them the Nielsen twins dropped out to attend their lover's funeral. Dorothy thought the funeral was yesterday. Rose says they had to move it because he wanted a Viking funeral, and every time they tried to torch the boat, the coast guard put the fire out. When Rose and Sophia reveal their bowling uniforms, Blanche sees that it's the same type of uniform that she's wearing. Dorothy tells her to calm down, and tells her that they're just trying to make her frustrated and sidetracked. Blanche tells Rose to take off the uniform. Rose tells her that nobody will know the difference because it looks different on a woman with a full bosom. Dorothy tells Blanche to calm down because they're just resorting to these tricks because they know that they are the better team. Rose asks Sophia if she found a comfortable ball to use, and calls her mom in the process. Dorothy asks Rose why she called her that. Sophia tells her that Rose and her have grown close over the last few days. Dorothy tells her that nobody calls Sophia, mom, except for her. Sophia tells Rose that she knew they could get under Dorothy's skin. Blanche tells them that everyone else has begun so they'd better get started. Sophia goes up first, puts the ball on the ground, and rolls it. It looks like it's going very slowly, but she tells Dorothy to mark it down as a strike. Dorothy says that it didn't even get there yet, but when it does, it knocks down all the pins. Dorothy's up next, and reminds Blanche that for them to win, they just need to stay calm, cool, and collective. But when she goes to roll the ball, she drops it and it rolls behind her instead.

Further into the game, Rose knocks down 7 pins, and curses at her performance. Blanche remarks that she's surprised that Rose can roll the ball past her hips. Sophia comes back, and tells Rose that she just checked the score. She tells them that if she can pick up a spare in this last frame, they'll be in the lead for the tournament. Rose tells her that she'll do it, and when it's her turn, she succeeds. Rose is convinced they'll win, but Dorothy reminds her that she and Blanche still haven't rolled their last frame, and they can still win the tournament. Rose tells Dorothy that when the stakes get high, Blanche always chokes. Blanche tells Rose to eat chalk. When she stands up to the line, Blanche really starts to get nervous. Dorothy tells her to stay calm, but Blanche says she's a little cold and clammy right now. Dorothy says that she sympathizes with her, and tells her that every competitor feels that way. She tells her that if she doesn't want to bowl, she doesn't have to. She just tells her that she'll throw her down the lane. Blanche throws the ball down the lane in frustration, and sits down. Dorothy tells her to get back out there. Blanche admits that she hates bowling, and just did it so that she could look good in her outfit. Rose comments that they all look good in her new outfit. This aggravates Blanche, and she gets up her strength and throws the ball down the lane. She cheers, but Dorothy acknowledges she only knocked down 2 pins. Blanche says it's a personal triumph. Dorothy says that they only need a spare to win. Before she can roll, Augustine arrives at the bowling alley to see Sophia. Augustine asks if she can come with him, but Sophia says she doesn't know yet. Dorothy rolls the ball, and knocks down 9 pins. All she needs to do is knock down the last pin. Augustine comments that Dorothy is a good player. He says that she probably picked it up from her. Sophia asks how he knows that she's a good bowler. Augustine says he remembers Sophia was good at bocce ball, and asks if she remembers playing with him. Sophia says she does remember, and they acknowledge it was their first kiss. Dorothy looks over to see Sophia and Augustine happy, and she realizes that she doesn't want to see her mother sad. She intentionally misses the spare, and Rose and Sophia win the tournament. Rose celebrates her victory, and Sophia acknowledges that she can go on her trip. Dorothy says that she has her blessing, and her money to go on the trip. Sophia says for another thousand, she could fly first class. Dorothy tells her mother to get going.

A few weeks later, Sophia tells everyone about her visit to Sicily. She tells them a story about her and Augustine looking up an old friend while they were there, but then finding out that their friend died that morning. Sophia says other than that, the visit was wonderful and it brought back a lot of good memories. Sophia pulls out something from her purse, and gives it to Dorothy. It's Sophia's antique earrings. Sophia says she won them fair and square. Dorothy says that she and Rose won the tournament. Sophia tells her she knows that she lost on purpose so that she could go to Sicily. Dorothy thanks Sophia. Rose arrives home to see everyone, but they're still angry at her for her behavior. Rose knows that they're still mad, and hopes that they can forgive her for her behavior. She says that because they all bowled well, she had all their names engraved on the bowling trophy. Dorothy and Blanche are touched that Rose did that for them. Dorothy looks at the trophy and asks Rose why her name is three times larger than the rest. Rose says that it's because she's the one that really won it, and says that if they want to look at it, it'll be in her bedroom.

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