The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 7

The Competition

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1985 on NBC

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  • Touching... but Rose is insane

    I love Rose, but she is a little annoying in this episode.... Normally her competitiveness is quite funny (it's always nice to see her doing something other than being dumb), but I think it's a little much in this one. I do like the way they show the relationship between Sophia and Dorothy. It's sweet that Dorothy is able to realize how much the trip means to Sophia and that's she's willing to lose the bowling tournament to send her. And Sophia is equally gracious by giving Dorothy the pair of earrings that she wanted. Really the only thing I don't like about the episode is that Rose ends up winning the tournament. I think it would have been a lot funnier if she'd lost... heehee.
  • Sophia reunites with an old beau.

    When Dorothy refuses to let Sophia go back to Sicily with one of her old boyfriends, Sophia sets out to prove just who the mother in the relationship is and that she may be old, but she still should have her freedom. It was funny at the bowling alley and it was sweet to see Dorothy screwup on purpose. That was so touching to see her give her mother what she wanted.
  • In this episode, Sophia's old flame visits her. Sophia wants to go back with Augie to Sicily, but Dorothy won't let her. They decide to compete in a bowling competition. However, Dorothy purposely blows it to let Sophia go. Rose & Blanche compete as well.

    This is another comical episode written by Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan. It especially develops all four characters: Dorothy's sensitive side, Rose's competetive side, Blanche's pessimistic side, and Sophia's lovable side. It is very funny and allows that audience to identify with each of the characters. This is truly a pleasure to watch time and time again.