The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 7

The Competition

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Blanche is discussing ways to get back at Rose by sleeping with her brother, Dorothy mentions to Blanche that Rose has six brothers.  We never again hear about or see any of Rose's supposed six brothers, even in the episode where Rose travels to St. Olaf to win woman of the year(though she does hear from her friend Ingrid). 

    • The Sophia story line centers on the fact that Sophia's first boyfriend, from Sicily is coming to Miami to meet her. She claims that when he left for the war, she never heard from him again (World War I). How is it that Augustine not only knew she had married (and her married name) and gone to America, but was now living in Miami?

    • When Blanche exits the kitchen, you can see a 1984 calendar on the wall even though this episode aired in late 1985. The year is not visible, but the dates and days of the week align with 84.

    • The Studio Lights are seen throughout the series in Sophias Glasses...

    • In paying close attention at the bowling alley scene, the extras behind the girls are laughing at all of the witty slams the girls say to one another.

    • When Blanche arrives home to show everybody her new bowling ball, she takes it out and you can see 6 or 7 lights shining on it in its reflection, obviously the studio lights

    • As the Bowling Tourmament starts Dorothy says that they are bowling in Alley 7, but when Dorothy takes her lost shot, it shows Alley 1, which is at the far left end of the Bowling Alley.

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: [to Dorothy] I can't believe you're denying your own mother.
      Rose: Denying her what?
      Dorothy: Springsteen tickets Rose.

    • Dorothy: Honey, aren't you forgetting something? Rose dumped you.
      Blanche: That's right, she did. I hate being dumped. Just hate it! I haven't been dumped since Wade Hunnicut threw me over for Rebecca Wilkinson, a girl who did not value her reputation.
      Dorothy: Did you let him get away with it?
      Blanche: Hell, no.
      Dorothy: What'd you do?
      Blanche: Slept with his brother.

    • Dorothy: You know, I used to be a pretty decent bowler.
      Sophia: Decent bowler? You were a fabulous bowler! 180 average.
      Rose: 180?!?!?
      Dorothy: Oh, come on, Ma, you were always a better bowler than I was.
      Sophia: I know, I do everything better than you. (tastes her sauce) Mmmm! If this sauce was a person, I'd get naked and make love to it!

    • Sophia: (dressed in black to meet her former beau) How do I look?
      Dorothy: Like a widow in mourning.
      Sophia: Perfect! He'll know I'm available.

    • Rose: (about Sophia's first beau) I wonder why he looked you up after all this time.
      Sophia: Are you kidding? He was crazy about me! I was the only girl in our village who didn't want to be a nun!

    • Rose: Oh, Sophia, that smells heavenly! Is it Chef Boyardee?
      Sophia: (holds up a knife) Stick it in my heart, Rose. It'll hurt less!

    • Blanche: I'm signed up to bowl with Olga Nielson.
      Rose: Olga Nielson?!?!?! But that's impossible! Olga always bowls with her twin sister Sonya!
      Blanche: That was before Olga slept with Sonya's boyfriend without telling him he had the wrong twin.

    • Blanche: Well, I am stunned! Just stunned! Stunned is not the word to describe how......stunned I am!
      Dorothy: Just a minute, Blanche. Just a minute. Are you trying to tell us that you are stunned?

    • Dorothy: (Looking at trophy) Why is your name three times larger than ours?
      Rose: Because I'm the one who actually won it. (Grabbing the trophy) If you ever want to look at it, it'll be in my bedroom.

    • (After Blanche throws a gutter ball)
      Blanche: All I ever wanted to do is look cute in my new outfit.
      Rose: We all look cute in your new outfit.
      (Blanche glares at Rose and Sophia who in turn shake their bosom at her)

    • (Blanche freezes up before throwing her ball)
      Dorothy: Listen sweetheart. If you don't feel like bowling, you don't have too.
      Blanche: Oh, good.
      Dorothy: Just hold onto the ball and I'll throw you down the alley.

    • (After Rose and Sophia reveal they've got matching outfits to Blanches)
      Blanche: Rose take that off.
      Rose: What?
      Blanche: You are wearing my bowling outfit.
      Rose: Why, I do believe you're right? Oh, don't worry about it, honey, nobody will notice. It looks so much different on a woman with a full bosom.
      Blanche: Don't throw your bosom in my face!

    • Blanche: All we do is practice! Every morning before work, every evening after work....all I ever wanted was to look cute in my new bowling outfit.

    • Rose: I need to win, Dorothy and let's face it, you're no Olga Neilson!
      Dorothy: Rose, get professional help.

    • Rose: I wonder why Italian men are so romantic.
      Dorothy: It's the tights pants, Rose.

    • Rose: You want to have a side bet with me, Blanche?
      Blanche: Well, I would, Rose, but everything you own is so damn ugly. Oh, I can't wait to whip your butt!

    • Sophia (to Rose): Many, many times, I've wished you were my daughter.
      Dorothy: Ma...please!
      Sophia: And you, Dorothy, are a tall disappointment!

    • (Blanche tells Dorothy the last time she was dumped, she got revenge by sleeping with the man's brother)
      Blanche: Now come on, Dorothy. Let's get even!
      Dorothy: Blanche! I'm 55 years old and Rose has 6 brothers!

    • Blanche: What do you know? Sophia has a past!
      Sophia: That's right! And unlike yours, I didn't need penicillin to get through it.

    • Rose: (to Dorothy) Blanche has somebody to bowl with, you want somebody to bowl with, I need somebody to bowl with! Just say yes and nobody will get hurt.

    • Blanche: (to Rose) Eat chalk, Nylund!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on October 11, 1985.

    • This episode begins without the memorable background music that accompanied each opening sequence, which may make it awkward for audiences who are used to hearing that. Instead of the opening music, we hear Sophia singing "La-la-la-la" from the kitchen.

    • Sophia's first kiss was with Augustine in Sicily.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche on the couch looking at Rose's trophy.

  • Allusions

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