The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 12

The Custody Battle

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1985 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Dorothy and Sophia have been bickering and Dorothy has been pleading for Sophia to give her some space. So when Dorothy's sister, Gloria, comes to Miami for a visit and asks Sophia to come live with her in California, Sophia quickly says yes. Meanwhile, Blanche is furious when Rose is cast as Lady Macbeth, in a local play, and not her.moreless

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  • Dorthy vs her sister Gloria

    Dorthy sister Gloria comes to visit her and Sophia.When Dorthy and Sophia fought and Dorthy told her that Sophia should give her some space.When Gloria asked Sophia,if she would live in California.She said yes.Blanche is mad at Rose for taking the part as Lady Macbeth.Dorthy is upset that Sophia is moving to California.She recalls when she was little Gloria is Sophia's favorite and Dorthy wasn't.However Gloria explained things and above all that Dorthy is her favorite.

    An great episode all about sister love.moreless
  • Gloria wants Sophia all to herself.

    It was great seeing just how much Sophia means to Dorothy despite all the meddling Sophia does in her life. I didn't enjoy however, watching Blanche and Rose fight for the part in Macbeth. It had the potential to be funny, if they had done more with it. However, it was just being mentioned amongst the whole situation with Sophia and Gloria. All in all this was a good season one episode.moreless
  • A very sweet episode

    The whole plot line where Rose got the part instead of Blanche WOULD have worked, had the play been anything other than Lady Macbeth! There is no way Rose would be able to pull off the malicious, calculating, evil wife of Macbeth!

    I liked all of Sophia's "Except Bill" lines and how the gifts she was going to give everyone when she thought she was moving were really their own things.

    Dorothy and Gloria's relationship was a little too sappy for my taste. The only time Dorothy said anything negative to her was when she was mad because of the issue with Sophia. They could have gone with slightly less corniness!moreless
  • Rose as Lady MacBeth

    I had to read MacBeth in Senior English. I cannot picture sweet innocent goody two shoes rose as a vicious murderer. I think Gloria was wrong to try to bribe Sophia into coming to California. But I guess in a way Sophia is lucky as how most children fight over who is stuck taking in a n older realtive and they were fighting because they both wanted her. One thing I noticed in this episode gloria seemed a lot younger than she did in the later episode. In this one you can tell that she is younger than Dorothy but in the other one she seems older than Dorothy but that\'s just my opinion.moreless

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Blanche: Well who got the part of Lady Macbeth then? Wait, don't tell me. Probably one of those little theater groupies with a mattress strapped to her back.

    • Rose: I had an imaginary friend once, but he'd never tell me his name.

    • Gloria: Dorothy, why don't you ever come to California to visit me?
      Dorothy: It's not easy, you know... I have my job, I have responsibilities, I've never been invited...
      Gloria: Well, I'm inviting you now. I have a huge house with servants and an ocean view. And Bert Convy shops in my grocery store.
      Dorothy: Bert Convy? Let's leave now!

    • Gloria: Remember when we were little and you told me all those bedtime stories?
      Dorothy: Oh yeah, the boogey man and the little girl, the vampire in the laundry hamper, cannibal parents...I think between the ages of 5 and 7 you got...2 hours sleep.

    • Gloria: When we were kids and Mom and Pop were working, do you know why Mom left you in charge?
      Dorothy: Yeah, because Phil played with matches.
      Gloria: No, it was because Mom knew she could trust you.

    • Rose: (about Sophia moving out) Who's going to keep after us? Make us linguine and tell us stories about Sicily?
      Dorothy: I don't know, Rose. Maybe Mary Poppins has an Italian cousin.

    • Dorothy: Wait! Blanche honey, aren't you forgetting something?
      Blanche: Oh no, I never wear underwear.

    • Sophia: I'm lucky, most people my age have kids trying to get rid of them. My kids are fighting over who gets to keep me.

    • (After Blanche's audition)
      Blanche: I got this one in the sack.
      Rose: She means "in the bag."
      Dorothy: No, she means "in the sack."

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode features the first of many times that the girls get involved in local theatrical productions.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in the kitchen as Rose explains she has gotten the part in Macbeth and Blanche holds the knife near Dorothy.

    • Terry Hughes, known on the set as "The Silver Fox," makes his Golden Girls directing debut with this episode. Hughes would direct most episodes of the series through Season Five before departing to pursue a career in feature films.

    • Beginning with this episode, the set for the kitchen has been altered. It now has new wallpaper and the wall that previously extended in front of the swinging kitchen door has now been shortened.

    • This is the first appearance of Dorothy's sister, Gloria. She is played by Doris Belack in this episode, but would later be portrayed by a different actress, Dena Dietrich in the final season episodes called The Monkey Show part 1 and part 2.


    • Dorothy: Who was your father, Rose? Michael Landon?

      Michael Landon was an American actor, director, screewriter, and producer who, despite having an abusive childhood, was known for creating beautiful, tender, and family-oriented TV shows that highlight the good things in life. Little House on the Prairie (1974-1983) and Highway to Heaven (1984-1989) were two of his biggest successes, and he was heavily involved on and off the screen for both productions. Landon died of cancer in July 1991, at the fairly young age of 54.