The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 2

The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1988 on NBC

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  • This is more about Sophia and how the girls never see her true color.

    While the girls are busy doing something at home.Sophia is in the market buying stuff.When she see's her friend who has an problem with an frozen meat.Sophia helps her by complaining.The girls having nothing else to do.Dorthy points out that when Sophia comes home that she is always tired and sleep before dinner.We see Sophia playing in the band getting money for the hospital.She works in the hospital.That is Sophia busy lifestyle.While the girls do nothing.Sophia has an busy life.

    So this episode revolves around Sophia.Its an surprise that the girls all sat around doing nothing and Rose telling her boring St. Olaf stories.
  • Not my favorite episode but it proves that Sophia does much more than the other girls.

    To me, I was able to appreciate the fact that Sophia does so much more than the other girls. I didn't like the way they all said Sophia does nothing. They don't know. They are just going by what she says. The girls seem so hypocritical because they have no proof that Sophia does nothing. They were totally lazy in this episode and I didn't like their characters in it. Sophia was fantastic.
  • Sophia leaves to buy a nectarine, while the others stay at home and discuss how uneventful Sophia's life is. Little do they know, Sophia's routine involves much more than buying a nectarine.

    I love this episode. The whole time everyone else is sitting at home doing nothing and discussing how Sophia needs to be more productive, Sophia is out buying fruit, volunteering at a hospital, and raising money for the nursing home. The girls have no idea about all the work she's doing, and Sophia keeps it that way. She returns home to say that she does the same thing she does every day, buy a nectarine. All the girls accomplished was television watching and trying fruit cocktail on a bagel, yet they worry about Sophia's uneventful life. Very cleverly written episode.