The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 2

The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose play a board game that seems to be similar to Trivial Pursuit.  However, the cards they read off of appear to be the yellow and orange cards of a Monopoly game while the board itself closely resembles that of the game Sorry.

    • Dorothy claims that Sophia's mother lived to be 94 years old, and that in 1952, she went into politics. Later, though, Dorothy says that Sophia's mother was 94 years old when Dorothy was six, implying that Dorothy was six years old when her grandmother died. Dorothy was born in 1929 (as stated in season 7), meaning her grandmother died in the mid-1930s, and therefore couldn't possibly have lived to see 1952. Also, a flashback in the earlier season three episode "Mother's Day" features Sophia's mother existing at the same time as a full-grown Dorothy.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: But I hate nectarines.
      Sophia: You got to keep up your strength.
      Sam: Sophia, you know it doesn't matter, once they messed up my blood transfusion, there was nothing they could do.
      Sophia: Crazy talk, comes from not eating enough fresh fruit.
      Sam: Nobody's ever beaten it, Sophia.
      Sophia: But someday they will, it could be tomorrow and it could be you, I believe that and you've got to believe that. Because in life, that's all we have is hope.
      Sam: And a nectarine?
      Sophia: And a nectarine.

    • Produce Manager: (picking up a nectarine) I've never seen a more perfect piece of fruit.
      Sophia: Oh yeah! Then why don't you try kissing my behind? It's a real peach!

    • Sophia: (to the produce manager) Please, I have a bowl of wax bananas that will be ripe before these are!

  • Notes

    • In syndication, thw whole conversation between Sophia and Sam about his illness and nectarines is cut from the episode.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche on the couch at the very end of the episode after Sophia exits to her room.

    • This episode was the first one videotaped this season, but was the second to be aired.

    • Blanche's nightgown is so low-cut, the audience can see a mole on her right breast.

  • Allusions

    • It is alluded that the little boy in the hospital, Sam, is dying of AIDS, but not specifically stated.

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