The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 1

The Engagement (a.k.a.) The Pilot

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1985 on NBC

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  • Not bad for a pilot show. A great introduction to the girls and their lives.

    We meet Dorothy, Rose and Blanche and their gay cook Coco. Luckily we don't ever see him again, as he was way too stereotypical and would have spoiled the relationships of the girls. Blanche is dating Harry and he has asked her to marry him. She says yes despite only knowing him for a week. Sophia arrives after the home burns down. She is very rough around the edges and little too much here. Luckily her character changes as the first season progresses. The comedy here is good and really sets the stage for each of the girls. Interestingly, Rose is the one who recognizes that Harry is a fraud. Also no St.Olaf stories yet!!
  • blanche gets engaged and sophia moves in

    i loved this episode
    its so funny
    the comic relief dorothy and rose added just killed me.
    'it was her first flight, they said on arrival give the passengers a lei, she got confused'
    I don't think that there ever was a funnier line in the show
    Sophia moves in and that scene is fantastic. Estelle played sophia perfectly. So many one liners. 'Do you know what that does to hearts that only beat a few times a week'
    Sussan harris created 4 characters that just worked. They clicked. There really has never been a show were the lead characters have all exelled in the way they did. Never did you get the feel one outshone the other
  • Not bad, considering it's a pilot.

    What can you say? It's the pilot episode, so of course it can't be expected to be as good as a regular episode, it's just supposed to prove that it CAN be good - which it does. I'm not a big fan of watching it very often (it's too weird and different from the rest of the series). Words do not express how wonderful it is that they made the decision to get rid of Coco. Ew. The series would've fallen flat on its face if they'd tried to keep him. Sophia was a MUCH better choice. She rocks! It is odd how in this episode (and in a lot of season one) she seems so much older and less with it than in the rest of the series. She's still funny but like a completely different character later on. In the early episodes, they make it seem like she's mean because of her stroke... but later on it's more like that's just how she always was. She's definitely a highlight in this episode, though... probably the best thing about it. Anyway, even if it's not the best thing to watch, I'm very glad the pilot did so well, so that we could continue to see amazing episodes of this fabulous show for a long time afterwards!
  • The very first episode!

    Blanche is proposed to by her boyfriend, Harry, but she has to think of whether she wants to marry him or not. The girls are worrying about moving out if Blanche does decide to get married. Meanwhile, Sophia comes to the house after her retirement home burns down.

    I think Blanche and Harry made a very lovely couple. Unfortunately, when she finally decided she would marry him, she found out he was arrested. That made me very sad, but at the same time, I was happy she and her three best friends were able to stay together.

    When God closes one door, he opens another one.
  • And we're off....

    As a rule, I never really like pilot episodes as much as the rest of any series. This is due to the fact that there are usually many disconnects between the pilot and the rest of the story that is told as a series unfolds. However, the pilot episode of The Golden Girls does a nice job introducting us to the four ladies that would go to create one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. We meet the sarcastic Dorothy, the naive Rose, the wisecracking Sophia and the self-absorbed Blanche. Sophia's character is quite different in this episode, seeming much older and disconnected than she does in the rest of the series. Overall, this pilot sets the stage for hours of comedic genius!
  • This is one of my top 10 Golden Girls episodes.I love the parts when Sophia first arrives and then when Blanche comes home from her date with Harry. It's just a classic episode!

    This is the episode that gave birth to the Golden Girls. Premiering in 1985, this pilot episode introduced the world to the girls we call Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia. Luckily though, this is the only episode to feature their cook, Coco. He wasn't that great of a character. I can't see the series being the same if he had stayed. It would have been like Designing Women with a gay cook instead of a black convict. I found it very sad when Harry was revealed. Blanche really did have feelings for him. I give this episode an A plus plus!!
  • Great Pilot Episode

    It all start out when Blanche knew that there is something between her and Harry.Sophia than comes with all her stuff.She explained that the home is burn down.So she was moving in.Blanche tells the others after an date with her latest boyfriend Harry.That he asked his hand in marriage.Rose begin to worried about where she would live and also for Blanche's safety.Meaning not trusting the guy that much.Dorthy tried to keep Rose away from Blanche from preventing the wedding.So in the end.The marriage didn't go so well.Blanche didn't get married.

    This episode was an great start.
  • And so our story begins.

    Although all the girls kind of danced around Blanche's story and there wasn't a B story going at the same time, we really got to learn a lot about each and every one of them which more than compensated for the lack of a B story. Although Rose's character wasn't as fleshed out as she would become she was still very funny. Sophia was absolutely hilarious, and I think this was her best performance of season one, and Blanche still wasn't quite on target yet. She would become much funnier as the season went on. All in all, a perfect beginning to the story of our four friends.
  • We meet the Golden Girls for the first time and are introduced to their foibles and follies and get our first laugh from Sophia and Rose. Blanch is faced with the chose of marrying but it falls through.

    This episode was ok but it seemed blah after we got to see Season 2. Dorothy was always making a wise crack it seemed, and that was annoying. Sophia cracked me up with her remarks about Blanche and to Harry. Was sad to see Blanche stood up but at least our girls got to stay together.
  • Meet the girls...

    What a wonderful introduction to the girls this episode is. It was an absolute joy watching the four of them working together, right from the very beginning.

    Sophia’s character was wonderful right off the bat. I’m glad that she didn’t change at all during the entire seven year run of this series. She spoke her mind supposedly all because of a stroke she had, but you can tell that she was that way all the time, and it was something not really seen by a woman on television in the early 1980’s. Estelle Getty who was virtually an unknown before this show, might have been the youngest of the women and was playing the oldest, but she was definitely something to see.

    Rose was my absolute favorite in this episode. She was an absolutely delight right from her first appearance on screen. Her naivety was certainly present from the very beginning, but she was still perfect for the series since there are actual people like that character. It’s odd to even think about picturing Betty White portraying Blanche as was originally suggested by NBC.

    Dorothy was just wonderful. I mean how can one go wrong with Bea Arthur? Her quips in this episode were fantastic, especially the one’s involving Blanche’s mood and the appearance of Sophia after the Shady Pines incident. Refreshing from the start, Bea Arthur portrayed Dorothy with fierce devotion and couldn’t have been any better.

    The character of Blanche was the only one who was definitely different from how she is portrayed during the rest of the series. The whole episode she is basically grieving over a lost love and won’t come out of her room. I mean even the voice that Rue McClanahan used for Blanche sounded different than the one that we’re all accustomed to for the rest of the season and series. In my opinion, I’m glad that a change was made in character and that it was made for the better.

    All in all, this was a perfect and pleasant introduction to these four sassy ladies. Each having their own personality and characteristics that made the characters memorable all these year later. To me without this show, there would have been no “Sex and the City”. Fabulous show from beginning to end.

    Final Grade: A
  • A perfect beginning. . .

    This episode introduces us to 4 amazingly funny women, Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose. Dorothy, the divorced substitute teacher, Blanche, who you can't tell will turn out to be a slut yet, Sophia, Dorothy's mother who comes to visit when her retirement home burns down, and Rose, the dimwitted of them all who works as a grief counselor. This episode was written by the creator of "Soap" and "Benson." As you can probably tell the layout of the house was also different. Blanches room wasn't down the long hallway near the living room. It was accessed by way of what would later be an access way to the lanai. By the next episode the set was different, and the show went on.
  • This episode, written by Susan Harris, introduces the world to Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Stophia. In this episode, Blanche is engaged to a man she has only known for a week. Dorothy is happy for her, but Rose has suspicions. Meanwhile, Dorothy's mother, Sop

    This has to be one of the best pilots written! Susan Harris is an extremely brilliant writer; she wrote the abortion episode for "Maude." This details the girls' actions and trademarks. This episode itself is a landmark in television history. However, you can tell that parts of the episode were refilmed after the original taping (just watch Rue McClanahan's hair). This occurred because Charles Levin (Coco) was written out of the show. The producers and writers realized that the girls interacted better when they were along sitting around the kitchen table and eating cheesecake. Smart move! This is one of many great episodes to come in the series!