The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 10

The Heart Attack

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on NBC

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  • Sophia prepares for the end. . .sort of.

    Sophia thinks she's dying of a heart attack and the girls gather by her side. What completely made me dislike this episode is that they established in the beginning that there was a storm, but in the end the girls talk about taking a walk. Huh? This was a decent episode with character development but could have been much better.
  • The first glimpse into the great friendships in the girls' house.

    This episode showed us all how much Dorothy and Sophia (and of course Blanche and Rose) really loved each other. During other parts of the series, there were times when the two were at each other's throats, but they always showed how much love there really was. In this episode, we also got a pretty good glimpse into just how close the girls were and how they were more like family than anything. Also, it brings in the reality of losing one's parents and even in her 60's, Dorothy said she would be an orphan if her mother died. I'm sure most of us would feel that way. I personally feel that this was the episode that really set the tone for how much the girls really loved and cared for each other.
  • Sophia's surprise sympton gave the other girls worried.

    After throwing an party.During an storm.Sophia gets an heart attacked.Of course this get Dorthy worried of this heartattack that Sohpia is having.She hoped that she doesn't lose her.If it was really an heart attacked.Meanwhile Rose and Blanche were talking about how they wanted their funeral to be.But of course Blanche was asking Rose if she wanted to be cremated or buried.Yeah and confused Rose just said buried.But it was funny how Rose said it.When the doctor came he said it was just bladder something.It wasn't nothing serious.

    This episode was very good.However there is one scene.When Dorthy and Sophia was talking.Blanche is cleaning up the things.At one minitue she's to the right side near the door of the kitchen in an quick second she's the left side.