The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 10

The Heart Attack

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof (Continuity): Blanche says "for somebody else's funeral, I have the perfect black dress", but in Season 6's "Ebbtide's Revenge", Blanche wears a red dress to Phil's funeral, saying "It's my funeral dress."

    • As of (S1, E7 – The Competition) Sal had been dead 22 years. This means he died when Sophia was 58. In this episode Sophia says that she hasn't seen Sal in 30 years. That would mean he died when she was 50. This is one of many discrepancies that pop up over the course of the series, but it doesn't deter from the quality of the show.

    • At the end of the closing scene, the girls decide to go on a walk. Hello!! Not only was it then supposed to be very late at night following Sophia's gall bladder attack, but there had also been a bad storm - bad enough where trees were down and the paramedics couldn't get through scarcely 15 minutes before. Did the writers suddenly forget the entire premise of this episode?

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: You know something, Dorothy?
      Dorothy: What, Ma?
      Sophia: Death sucks.

    • Dorothy: (about her mother) Oh, God, Blanche, what if she dies?
      Blanche: She's a tough lady, Dorothy. If anybody's a survivor, she is.
      Dorothy: If she dies, I'll be an orphan. (chuckles a little) Can you believe that? I'm over 50 years old, and I'll still feel like an orphan.

    • Blanche: (Referring to Dr. Harris) Dorothy, is he single or what?
      Dorothy: Or what.
      Blanche: Happily?
      Dorothy: Happily.
      Blanche: Damn!

    • Blanche: And Milk Duds. Remember, you had those two boxes of Milk Duds.
      Doctor: Milk Duds?
      Sophia: They're great. The problem is, they get caught in my dentures.

    • Dr. Harris: (Sitting beside Sophia on the sofa) So, what's this, Sophia? I hear we're not feeling well.
      Sophia: We? What are you, partner?

    • Rose: Is there anything else we can get you, Sophia. A little tea perhaps.
      Sophia: I'm not in England. I'm having a heart attack.

    • (After Blanche, Rose and Dorothy scare her by hovering over her)
      Sophia: Ahh.
      Dorothy: What, ma? What?
      Sophia: What? You're sitting on top of me. I open my eyes, I see pores like that, I think I'm on the moon.

    • Blanche: I want a fancy funeral. I want a big parade with a riderless horse. And then I want to lie in State and then be buried in Arlington Cemetery.
      Rose: Why Arlington Cemetery?
      Blanche: Because it's full of men.
      Rose: But they're all dead!
      Blanche: So are the men I date.

    • Sophia: You know, I'll probably see your father in heaven. I haven't seen him in 30 years. I wish there was time to get my hair done.

    • Sophia: Don't let your Aunt Renata come to the services. It's my death, She'll make it her moment.

    • (As Dorothy covers her up with a blanket)
      Sophia: Dorothy, do we have heart disease in our family?
      Dorothy: No, ma!
      Sophia: How did Uncle Mario die?
      Dorothy: Don't you remember? He was carrying out the garbage and dropped his gun and it went off and shot him in the forehead.
      Sophia: Oh, yeah. What a klutz?

    • Dorothy: Why do you think your having a heart attack?
      Sophia: (Lying on the couch) I'm 80 years old. I got Pavarotti sitting on my chest. Odds are it's a heart attack.

    • (Referring to her childhood vet)
      Rose: My mother wanted him to do her hysterectomy but he wouldn't.
      Dorothy: But he was willing to do her lobotomy.

    • Blanche: Wait a minute. You're last name was Lindstrom. You named your cat Lindstrom Lindstrom?
      Rose: Yes, it was less confusing to him.

    • (Talking about herring Pie)
      Rose: The surprise is, you think it's pie, like apple, but when you bite into it, it's herring pie.
      Dorothy: (Turning around from the kitchen sing and laughing) Oh, what fun!

    • Rose: I offered to help you, Sophia, but you said 'no'.
      Sophia: You're Scandinavian. What do you know, a thousand ways to make herring?

    • Blanche: Italian men are just the sexiest, most romantic, most gorgeous men in the world. (Putting on an apron) Of course they worship me because I'm blond and feminine and young with a great body.
      Dorothy: What mirror do you use?

    • (Picking up a tray of dishes)
      Blanche: I spent a summer in Italy four years ago. I never ate this well. Course I never ate. (Walking towards the kitchen) Who'd have the time or energy if you get my drift.

    • Blanche: Did you see that Emma Jean eat? I could not believe my eyes. That woman must weigh 275 pounds. She never stopped shoving it in. And then she had to talk the entire time. She just sprayed food all over the table like a mist. I got it in my hair. It was hitting me like pellets. I got a piece of rice in my eye. She could have put my eye out.

    • Sophia: Dorothy, you were always my favorite. I want you to know that. Maybe I didn't show it--I'm not an affectionate person. But you are. Don't tell your sister, and keep the silver.

    • Sophia: Listen, before we know it I could be dead, and we won't have said some important stuff. I love you, Dorothy. Just remember that--I love you very, very much.
      Dorothy: And I love you, Ma--very, very much. I couldn't love you more.
      Sophia: (to Rose and Blanche) And you two, Heckel and Jeckel, get over here. Thanks for letting me live here. It was some treat. You made an old lady feel young again.
      Blanche: Well, we love you, Sophia.
      Rose: Oh, we really do!
      Sophia: This is nice, to die with friends.

    • Dorothy: Ma, you know you don't look good.
      Sophia: I'm short and I'm old. What did you expect, Princess Di?

    • Sophia: Oh!
      Dorothy: What, Ma? What?
      Sophia: Pain!
      Dorothy: What kind of pain?
      Sophia: The kind that hurts!

    • Sophia: Didn't Aunt Teresa have a heart attack?
      Dorothy: Aunt Teresa didn't have a heart.
      Sophia: Uncle Nunzio?
      Dorothy: Uncle Nunzio died to get away from Aunt Teresa.
      Sophia: My mother died of old age and my father fell off a donkey, so we've got healthy hearts in our family, right?
      Dorothy: Very, very healthy.
      Sophia: That's good, that's a good thing.

    • Rose: There shouldn't be heart attacks, or cancer, or anything like that. There should just be a certain age where you have to turn your life in, like a library book. You pack your bag, you go, and that's that.
      Blanche: I wouldn't know what to pack.

    • Sophia: How come so many doctors are Jewish?
      Doctor Harris: Because their mothers are.

    • (Looking for Sophia's Rosary)
      Dorothy: Oh God, Blanche, what if she dies? I just love that woman so much. She's my family.
      Blanche: (Comforting Dorothy) We're your family too, Dorothy and you remember that. We may not be blood-related, but we're here.

    • Sophia: What if I die, Dorothy?
      Dorothy: Ma, you're not going to die! Now, I don't want you to talk. Just rest.
      Sophia: You know, I'd settle for even one more day. God knows why. Tomorrow I'm cleaning the closets.

    • Blanche: Do you want to be buried or cremated?
      Rose: Neither.
      Blanche: What do you want to be, flushed down the toilet like a goldfish?
      Rose: I wouldn't want to be cremated. I hate heat. (Pouring some milk) And burial? I hate small places. I'm a little claustrophobic.
      Blanche: Rose, you're not gonna know anything. You're gonna be dead.
      Rose: Oh, well, then burial, I guess. But will you promise to put a blanket in with me?
      Blanche: Why?
      Rose: Oh, I'd just feel more comfortable... cozier. And I'd want my pictures of Charlie and the animals. (Walking to Blanche over at the table) You know, the ones in the little silver frames. And my pictures of the children. And of course, if I'm married again, I'd want a picture of my new husband. And the candlesticks Mama gave me.
      Blanche: (Interrupting) Rose, it's a coffin, not a condo.

    • Sophia: (Sitting on the sofa) I got a bubble.
      Dorothy: Why are you rubbing your chest?
      (Dorothy sits down beside Sophia)
      Sophia: The bubble is in my chest.
      Dorothy: What do you mean, you have a bubble? Is it pain?
      Sophia: If it was pain, I'd say pain. I have a bubble!
      Dorothy: Blanche, do you know what a bubble is?
      Blanche: (Holding up her left hand) I know what a bauble is.
      Rose: I know what it is. I've had a bubble.
      Sophia: In your head!
      Rose: A bubble is something that just sits there and presses until it's chased away by a you-know-what.
      Dorothy: No, what Rose, a highway patrolman?
      Rose: Dorothy!
      Dorothy: What?
      Rose: (Whispering) A big belch.
      Dorothy: You couldn't say belch? What is it a Viking curse?
      Rose: Well, it's not the nicest word in the world.
      Sophia: Right now, it would be the nicest sound in the world.

    • Blanche: Sophia, are there lots of men in Heaven?
      Dorothy: Oh, Blanche!
      Blanche: Well, I'd like to know!

    • Rose: Did you see God and Jesus?
      Sophia: They were busy.

    • (After Sophia "dies")
      Blanche: Listen Sophia? What about men? Are there tons of men in Heaven?
      Rose: Oh, Blanche, come on!
      Blanche: Well, you asked about God and Jesus!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Blanche: The Milk Duds, remember. You had two boxes of Milk Duds.
      Dr. Harris: Milk Duds.
      Sophia: They're delicious. I love them. The trouble is, they take out my dentures.

      This quote is in reference to Milk Duds which are bite size milk chocolate covered caramels. Milk Duds were originally suppose to be a "perfectly round piece" but this was impossible to achieve hence the word "duds" was used along with the word "milk" for the large amount of milk used in the product.

    • Dorothy: Why do you think your having a heart attack?
      Sophia: (Lying on the couch) I'm 80 years old. I got Pavarotti sitting on my chest. Odds are it's a heart attack.

      This quote is in reference to Luciano Pavarotti who is a robust, Italian tenor known for his vocal performances in the opera world.