The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 10

The Heart Attack

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Sophia: (Sitting on the sofa) I got a bubble.
      Dorothy: Why are you rubbing your chest?
      (Dorothy sits down beside Sophia)
      Sophia: The bubble is in my chest.
      Dorothy: What do you mean, you have a bubble? Is it pain?
      Sophia: If it was pain, I'd say pain. I have a bubble!
      Dorothy: Blanche, do you know what a bubble is?
      Blanche: (Holding up her left hand) I know what a bauble is.
      Rose: I know what it is. I've had a bubble.
      Sophia: In your head!
      Rose: A bubble is something that just sits there and presses until it's chased away by a you-know-what.
      Dorothy: No, what Rose, a highway patrolman?
      Rose: Dorothy!
      Dorothy: What?
      Rose: (Whispering) A big belch.
      Dorothy: You couldn't say belch? What is it a Viking curse?
      Rose: Well, it's not the nicest word in the world.
      Sophia: Right now, it would be the nicest sound in the world.