The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 4

The Housekeeper

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

The girls' search for a housekeeper ends when they hire Marguerite. Ever since she started working, Dorothy is getting improved sleep, Blanche has been dating a man she's interested in and Sandy Duncan is back on TV (as mentioned by Rose). The ladies think that their good luck is caused by Marguerite's "charms": a bottle of potion for Blanche and a colorful rock under Dorothy's bed. After looking back at these charms, the ladies begin to think that Marguerite isn't really that much of a housekeeper.

The next day, they fire her and she says that they are making "a big mistake." After she leaves, the kitchen sink explodes, the ladies have car trouble and when a crowman mistakes their lanai for The Orange Bowl, they regret it.

They hire Marguerite back and convince her to remove the "curse" when Sophia returns from a wedding. Dorothy takes her to the kitchen and tells her that Marguerite has placed a curse of them and if they be nice, maybe she'll remove the curse. Despite Dorothy's warning, Sophia blurts out, "What's all this crap about putting a curse of my daughter?" As it turns out, Marguerite has no mystical powers. Their string of bad luck was just a coincidence and her lack of housekeeping is that she was just trying to study to become a lawyer.