The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 9

The Monkey Show (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1991 on NBC



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    • Blanche: Rose? Rose! I just got a pledge for 50 dollars if you will stop singin'.
      Sophia: (on telephone) That's right, 50 bucks if she stops singing, and I'll throw in another 50 if you slam the piano lid on her fingers.

    • Blanche: Well, let me tell you something, mister. It doesn't matter how many of our acts have shown up. It doesn't matter how many hours of air time we have to fill. There is only one thing that matters here. The indomitable devotion that Rose and I have in our hearts for that windmill! It's a devotion for that windmill, it's a love for that windmill, and as God is our witness, we are going to save that windmill!
      Rose: It's a lighthouse, Blanche.

    • Sophia: I'm sorry about the stick.
      Doorthy: What stick?
      Sophia: The stick, the one with a sock on it with buttons for the eyes.
      Dorothy: You mean Scout? You know where Scout is?

    • Angelo: You offer Stan to Gloria, but Stan is not a stick, he's not a rubber ball, he's not a Betsy Wetsy, he's a man.

    • Sophia: Whenever Dorothy got tired of one of her toys and Gloria took it, Dorothy would get interested in it again and want it back. I can still remember her screaming, "Gloria took my stick! Gloria took my stick!"
      Angelo: Boy, we come from a poor family!

    • Sophia: Angelo, I'm in trouble.
      Angelo: Then the boy will marry you!

    • Gloria: Ever feel like there is a gaping Ma in your life?
      Dorothy: (looking at Sophia) Yes! Frightening, gaping, Ma!

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