The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 18

The Operation

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy is having pain in her foot which is so severe it's preventing her from practicing for the recital that Rose, Blanche and she are supposed to perform in with tap dancing. Eventually, the girls persuade Dorothy to get the foot checked out, and when she does, she learns that she's had a small tumor for several years that will need to be removed.

Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche continue practicing without her.

At the hospital, Dorothy gets cold feet, so to speak, when she finds out that a different doctor will be operating on her and when he makes Dorothy sign a waiver, absolving the hospital of all guilt in case of accidental death. When a priest comes to give her the last rites, Dorothy flees the hospital and tries to sneak back home.

Sophia pushes Dorothy to go back to the hospital, and this time, Dorothy is given a room with a roommate. The woman has such a positive attitude, Dorothy can't help but admire her spunk. When she discovers that the woman is in there to have her second mastectomy, Dorothy feels foolish for making such a fuss about her foot.

Back at the house, Blanche gets cold feet before performing in front of a group, but Rose forces her to go anyway. Dorothy's operation is a success, and when she awakes, Sophia is right by her bedside. Rose and Blanche come over shortly after and tell Dorothy about what a success their recital was, and how they've gone from being a trio, to being "The Two Merry Widows." A disgusted Dorothy punches a hole through Rose's top hat after the dance is finished.