The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 5

The Triangle

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1985 on NBC

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  • 'But he wants me I can feel it' 'Let somebody else feel it'

    I love this episode because Blanche and Dorothy take centre stage and they are absolutely hilarious. Blanche has really sprouted into a funny character after being the least developed of the four characters in the first few episodes.
    We meet Elliot who makes a pass at Blanche
    'You are a very attractive woman Blanche'
    'I know' She says as she's being groped in front of the mini-bar, which we never see again. When she confronts Dorothy about what happened Dorothy reacts poorly accusing Blanche of jealousy. Blanche feeling betrayed orders Dorothy out. So its time for Rose to step in and save the day
    'I may look square, but i'm like my father's tractor, I take a while to start but when I get going I can turn your top soil till the cows come'
    Elliot looks disgusted
    'Rose don't take this the wrong way but your not my type'
    'But Blanche was'
    'That never happened'
    Dorothy walks in
    'Oh yes it did, Blanche told me all about it'
    'She made it up'
    'No she didn't'
    'Well nothing came of it and I did apologise to her'
    Dorothy interjects
    'And you lied to me'
    There problem solved. Best way to describe it.
  • In this episode, both Dorothy and Blanche fall for the same man--Sophia's doctor. Dorothy and Dr. Eliot Clayton agree to date. While waiting for Dorothy, Dr. Clayton makes a pass at an unsuspecting Blanche. When Blanche tells Dorothy, Dorothy doesn't beli

    This is definitely a well-acted episode on the parts of Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan. The episode is both serious and comical at the same time. It details how a simple love relationship can (nearly) destroy a strong and beautiful friendship. Luckily, the girls reconcile in the end and everything is back to normal.
  • Dorothy + Blanche + a doctor=a love triangle.

    Blanche's behavior towards friends in the past comes back to haunt her when Dorothy doesn't believe that, Clayton, the man she is seeing, made of a move on Blanche. Blanche, apalled that her best friend doesn't believe her, orders Dorothy to move out. This was funny to see Sophia telling Rose her Sicily story and to stay out of it. This episode really proved that friendship conquers all.