The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 25

The Way We Met

Aired Unknown May 10, 1986 on NBC

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  • That is how Dorthy,Blanche,Rose met and became great friends.

    After watching an movie which scared them.They have their story and remembering how they first met.Which was funny how they first met.As they begin to laugh at some of the memory that they had.Even what they first thought of each other as well.Even though at the end they didn't get an long.But later when the cheesecake turn out they found out they are perfect match as friends.Yeah this episodes was an flashback episodes of all the recent and how they met each other.Its an pretty good explination.Altough how they started moving in was an rare one.Something that we didn't see before as an episode.
  • The way they met!

    Many people confuse this with a clipshow. However, it is not. This is a flashback episode and all of the scenes were filmed during the week of production of this episode. It is all new material, which is why the characters don't match the way they did in the very beginning because this was all filmed at once. I liked the way they all met. However, in a later episode Rose states she's allergic to cats, but she has one in this episode. I loved when Sophia came into the kitchen, that was priceless. Plus, the whipped cream joke was very good.
  • Did they ever shoot a herring out of a cannon?

    This is probably the hands down best episode from the first season. It was also the first flashback episode. I think it was a really nice idea for the Golden Girls to do a show like this, where we could see how all the girls met. I absolutely love the scene between Blanche and Rose. Rose is such a sweetie (I love how she gives the little boy the cat.) And I love her speech about what a "Wild woman" she is ("Sometimes I run through the sprinklers without a bathing cap!") Also LOVE the scene at the grocery store, especially where Rose keeps correcting the cashier. Plus the first ever St. Olaf story (and probably the only one Blanche and Dorothy ever enjoyed!) Sophia at the end is priceless as well. Altogether, it's a great episode. Certainly a series classic...
  • great

    this has to be one of the bestepisodes ever, the arguement atthe Grocery store is classic, the way that Blanche met Rose at the store.. and Rose was so Naive, then Dorothy enters the picture.. it is well writen well acted and a very good episode of a very good series
  • We find out how the girls met

    A brillant episode that has every girl causing some sought of mayhem and laughter
    'It was at that moment that I realised my bosoms had the power to make music' One of my favourite Blanche lines
    Dorothy is fantastic 'Sorry Rose but my log is in the shop'
    And Rose' excessive Niceness makes the others ropable 'Sorry your husband dumped you, you can use my bubble whenever you like'
    Sophia has like 4 lines in this episode, each more memorable than the last
    About Blanche: The women has slut embroided on her underwear
    The whole Psycho thing was very original, I had never seen Psycho but after this episode I couldn't help but go and watch it.
    And to top it all of, Rose tells a story about a Herring Circus, which is one of the shows funniest scenes
    'Tell me Rose, did they ever shoot a herring out a cannon'
    'Just Once'
  • Flashbacks to how all the women met.

    This episode was very well written. I enjoyed it very much. It was about how Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose met. This was a great episode and very funny. I liked when Blanche had to go into her bedroom for the whipped cream. I also liked the end where Sophia scares Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche when she comes out with a knife after they just seen "Psycho." They were already scared enough. This episode was very comical. This episode was another perfect installment to the first season and a great season finale. This episode is well written and is one of the best episodes of this amazing series.
  • "That was when I first met Rose. . ."

    This episode tells us about how the girls met. However, there are some inconsistencies. Well only one, and that is that you can tell that the dream sequence was filmed during that episode, as the girls hairstyles were not the same as in the pilot. It is a funny episode in which the girls reminisce after being scared after watching the movie 'Psycho.'