The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 17

There Goes the Bride (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Where are Michael and Kate, Stan and Dorothy's children in this episode? There isn't even a mention of them anywhere.

    • Rose claims she was married outdoors in this episode, but in another episode, she claims she was married in a church. She also mentions that there were white balloons in the church, which were on the ceiling, further showing that she was married indoors.

    • Meg Wyllie (Myra) appears in a later episode as the mother of a television personality that Blanche dates.

    • Although the girls are upset that Dorothy will be moving out, they seem to be taking it much easier than they would in the eventual series finale.

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: (to Blanche) Everybody who's come has been too young, too pretty, too thin, it's like you want to be surrounded by women who have absolutely no sex appeal.
      Rose: You think we're dogs, don't you?
      (the bark bell sounds)
      Blanche: Now that's scary.

    • Dorothy: I was just wondering the other day 'why doesn't our doorbell bark?'
      Rose: Probably because we didn't have a bark bell.
      Dorothy: You really expect this to scare Myra away?
      Rose: Oh sure, look at the box, see the burglar running from the house?
      Dorothy: And he's saying 'YIKES!'
      (bell rings again, the dogs bark, Sophia runs out of the kitchen)
      Sophia: The dogs are on my trail again, through the river, run through the river.
      Dorothy: Ma, that's an alarm Rose put up to scare people away.
      Sophia: It'll never work.

    • Dorothy: You'll need 2 new roommates, Ma will be moving in with us.
      Sophia: No I won't.
      Dorothy: You can't afford to stay here alone.
      Sophia: Blanche is letting me keep my room and I have an interview at McDonald's today, if I can see over the counter, I'm their new fry girl.

    • Sophia: (to Stanley) If you hurt her again I'll make you miserable for the rest of my life, and if I lay off meat and dairy that could be as much as five years!

    • Rose: I had an outdoor wedding, February 12th I'll never forget...I had the most beautiful white flannel wedding dress, it even had feet sewn in.

    • Dorothy: (after the wedding falls apart) Oh this has always been one of my worst fears.
      Trudy: Having a wedding fall a part at the last minute
      Dorothy: No, going on my honeymoon with my mother.

    • Rose: The brain is a very powerful thing.
      Dorothy: Think of the 99% you don't use.

    • Sophia: I believe Rose has the capacity to kill.

    • Stanley: Dorothy, I vow to you that my love is pure.
      Dorothy: I do vow too.
      Stanley: I vow that my love is strong.
      Dorothy: I do vow too.
      Stanley: I vow that I will love no other.
      Dorothy: I do god Stanley, I feel like one of the Shirelles!

    • Rose: If you hold a bird gently, it'll stay. But if you squeeze the bird, its eyes will bug out.

    • Blanche: Okay honey, pencils down.
      Rose: I could've used a pencil?!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on January 23, 1991.

    • This episode aired on February 9, 1991. Although the episode may not necessarily take place on that date, Dorothy says that she is marrying Stan in three days, which would be February 12. Later in the episode, Rose reveals that her wedding anniversary is February 12.

    • Rose buys a doorbell where the ring is replaced by dogs barking to scare Myra. This is in line with the attack dog she put in the kitchen during the first season when they were robbed.

    • Two nights later, Estelle Getty appeared on Blossom as Sophia Petrillo.

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