The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 19

Till Death Do We Volley

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1989 on NBC

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  • Practical jokes are apparently not that funny

    This episode really annoys me for some reason. It's almost like it has the potential to be very funny, but fails miserably. I don't feel like the comedic chemistry between Dorothy and Trudy was right at all... their repartee didn't come off funny to me. Plus the entire plot revolving around Trudy staging her death was stupid. I know sometimes unrealistic things happen in a show that we forgive because it's funny, but that wasn't funny. It seems like the girls would DEFINITELY have found out that Trudy wasn't really dead as soon as the paramedics showed up, or someone came to get the body... I mean, seriously. I'm sorry Trudy didn't die because she was so damn annoying and mean, although I did like how Dorothy got back at her at the end. Altogether, a pretty lame episode.