The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 19

Till Death Do We Volley

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the ONLY time in the entire series where Bea Arthur wears anything other than her typical floor length dress or pants. (Other than the Henny Penny episode where she is in leotards playing Turkey Lurkey)  In a quick shot near the tennis courts you can see for a split second that she is actually wearing a tennis skirt.

    • How is it possible that Trudy was able to stage her own death? Wouldn't Dorothy have had to take her to the hospital, where a doctor would have had to pronounce her dead? And why wasn't there any funeral planned or relatives called? They make it seem as if Dorothy just assumed she was dead and left her body on the tennis court.

    • Not only is it completely preposterous to have a high school reunion in Miami for people who went to school in Brooklyn, but apparently, for story purposes in these writers minds, it made more sense to squeeze a most likely 100+ graduating class down to fifteen people so they could all fit into the house, rather than doing the logical thing and hold it in some kind of hall.

    • When Trudy scolds Dorothy, asking her what kind of man would jump into bed with her dearest friend's husband, Blanche defends "not necessarily a bad person. . ." However, in Season One's "That Was No Lady" Blanche professes she has never been with a married man because he always gives the expensive gifts to the wife.

      To add: Agreed! Also, Blanche has said something to the effect of, "Why do men lie about being married?Don'tthey know we'll sleep with them anyway?". This alsoimpliesthat Blanche has no qualms about sleeping with married men.

    • Why is Blanche getting mad at Trudy for staging her death when she told the girls in the second season episode, "It's a Miserable Life", that when she was a teenager she pretended she died? She said they had a funeral for her and she ran out saying "I'm not dead!"

    • Sophia says to Rose and Blanche, "You guys both have college credits." But this isn't true for Rose, we know, because in another episode, Dorothy teaches a night school class, and Rose shows up because she didn't even have her High School Diploma!

      To add: Rose told a story before about when she took s at the Junior College in St. Olaf.

    • Sophia is wearing the red dress that her sister Angela wore at Sophia's birthday party in the second season episode, "The Sisters".

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: Dorothy Zbornak doesn't know the meaning of the word "forfeit"! Rose: (to Blanche): And she's a teacher, too! This must be why the Japanese are so far ahead of us!

    • (the doorbell rings just as Dorothy has finished her speech and run into her room)

      Rose: Oh, no, someone's late; Dorothy'll have to give her speech all over again!

    • Trudy: You're on, you middle-aged cow!
      Dorothy: I'm looking forward to it, you miserable sack of cellulite!

    • Blanche: You'll have to excuse Sophia...
      Sophia: You heard that? I thought I was safe backed up against these pillows!

    • Dorothy: We might as well take down that banner and put up one that says (crying) 'Welcome to the DOROTHY KILLED TRUDY party!'

    • Sophia: There are two things in this world a Sicilian knows, when pasta sticks to the wall, it's done, when a body sticks to cement, it's dead.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is a take-off of the traditional ending of wedding vows, "till death do you part."