The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1985 on NBC
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Blanche's sister, Virginia, comes to Miami for a visit and Blanche is convinced she's after something. Later, while out to dinner, she learns just what Virginia is after, Blanche's kidney. She soon must make a decision, give Virginia a kidney or let her find someone else. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy babysit for an infant.moreless

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  • Powerful episode

    One of my favourite Sophia moments happened in this episode. S: I'd give to all my children (kidney) except Phil

    D: Why not Phil?

    S: Because he never calls and he never writes, the only time i hear from him is at Christmas when he sends me a cheddar cheese nativity scene...I'm catholic, I can't spread a wiseman on a ritz cracker'

    The studio audience erupted and so did I. That line highlights the shows originality, to create humor in places we as an audience aren't accustomed.

    We also enjoy a very strong dramatic performance from Rue, who is torn between giving the sister she despises a kidney, or letting her die. A wonderful plot that brings out the best and worst in these charactersmoreless
  • To give. . .or not to give?

    Blanche struggles with the decision of whether or not to give the sister she hates her kidney to save her life. Although it was a sad story it was still funny to see Blanche trying to keep her spirts up. I loved the cheddar cheese navtivity seen bit, that was quite funny. This was quite a good first season installment.
  • Blanche's sister Virgina comes to visit.What does she want from Blanche?

    Yeah it all started when Blanche was preparing for her sister's arrival.She didn't want her house to be messy.While Blanche was having company.Dorthy and Rose are babysitting an baby.While Virigina was talking about the past.Even trying to resort things even to forget about arguing and why they hate each other.Of course Blanche,knew that she wanted something.When her sister asked her an favor which is to give her kidney cause she is dying.So this make Blanche with an ultemate choice either to give her other kidney or not.Pretty good episode.Remembered Blanche hates her sister actucally both of her sister now it is just one sister.moreless
  • Blanche's sister Virginia, whom she loaths, comes for a visit, and it becomes obvious that time hasn't changed the cool relationship between them. Blanche senses she is after something, and is quite right: Virginia is dying and needs a kidney to survive.moreless

    This tearjerker is absolutely stunning, a series classic, brilliantly written, with superb and memorable dialogue.

    Blanche's dilemma is so catching because we really all could end up facing it; would you be selfish and keep your kidney, or donate it to the sister you hate so much?

    Blanche's decision is beautifully played - Rue McClanahan in general shines in this episode and proves her immense acting talent - and the hugging scene between Blanche and Virginia actually made me cry.

    Absolutely outstanding!

    AND it still contains so much wonderful humour that you must almost cry from laughter - example, Blanche tells the girls about her sister's need, and Rose, not understanding: Why does she want your kidney? Dorothy roars: To feed the cat, Rose!

    You have to love it.

    Ratings: A.moreless
  • very funny

    One of the better early episodes, The whole thing was fuuny I loved how Blance ekplained to Rose why she did't tlike Virginia,the best was the Christmas Tree shocking event,

    the babay was more or less just a distracton , but the main story was great loved the ending when she turned it around and made it seem her and Virginia were the victems of Charmaine, instead of it bing the oppsite at the beginning Classic Rue McClanahanmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Blanche prides herself on being such a classy lady, and yet she's going to say she comes from a place where women would sleep with their own brothers?

    • In this episode, we learn that Virginia and Blanche's other sister, Charmaine, cannot give Virginia a kidney because her two kidneys are attached.

    • Blanche states that Virginia is the only family she has but she's forgetting about Big Daddy, her other sister, Charmaine, and her brother Clayton.

    • Rose can't believe that Blanche hates her sister, Virginia. But on the episode entitled, "Little Sister", Rose repeatedly mentions how much she hates her sister, Holly.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Sophia: (talking about giving her kidney) I'd give to all my children.. except Phil.
      Dorothy: Why not Phil?
      Sophia: Because he never calls and he never writes. The only time I hear from him is at Christmas, when he sends me a cheddar cheese nativity scene.... I'm catholic, I can't spread a wise man on a ritz cracker.

    • Rose: The doctor says it's the first time he's ever been called because a baby was sleeping in the day. And then I think he called me an idiot.

    • Blanche: Oh, well the most wonderful thing happened, they found a donor! And excellent match! She was a retired Mormon school teacher.
      Rose: Virginia is so lucky!
      Blanche: Oh, I'll say! That kidney was showroom new! Why, the wildest thing that ever passed through there was Ovaltine!

    • Sophia: I nursed all you kids. Your brother Phil was 12 when he stopped. He wanted to come home from school at lunch. I've got nothing left up here!
      Dorothy: Oh, Ma!

    • Virginia: That was a lovely lunch, Blanche. A lovely lunch in a lovely house, with your lovely friends.
      Blanche: Stop making fun of me, Virginia.
      Virginia: Making fun of you? Honey, I was complimenting you!
      Blanche: I know how you said "lovely."
      Virginia: How did I say "lovely?"
      Blanche: You know perfectly well how you said "lovely!" You said "lovely" like you say to a date who's just shown up in a blue tuxedo.
      Virginia: Well, I meant lovely, no matter how it came out.

    • Blanche: What do I do if I give her one of my kidneys, and then the other one I have goes bad? What do I do, ask for my kidney back?
      Rose: You'd be an Indian giver.

    • Dorothy: Ma, could you eat a little more quietly, please?
      Sophia: These are Fritos! You want me to swallow them whole?

    • Rose: (to Dorothy and Sophia, about Blanche deciding whether or not to give a kidney to her sister) What would you do?
      Dorothy: For my children, I wouldn't even have to think. I'd give them two kidneys--I'd cut them out myself.
      Rose: Me too. I'd give them my heart.
      Sophia: I give to all my kids--except Phil.
      Dorothy: Why not Phil?
      Sophia: Because he never calls, he never writes. I only hear from him at Christmas, when he sends me a cheddar cheese Nativity scene. I'm Catholic--I can't spread a Wise Man on a Ritz cracker!

    • Virginia: Please, Blanche, let's not do this! We've been doing this our whole lives long. Let's just call an end to it, okay?
      Blanche: Sure. Whatever. thinking about getting a facelift?

    • Sophia: (to Blanche) Are you gonna give her your kidney or what?
      Virginia: Sophia, it's a difficult decision. She needs time to think about it.
      Sophia: If you can't count on family, then who the hell can you count on?

    • Blanche: Isn't it funny? Sometimes you have to almost lose somebody before you realize how much they really mean to you.

    • Rose: I thought you had a sister, Charmaine.
      Blanche: Oh, you can't count her. Why, she's an awful, selfish, neurotic woman who made me and Virgina miserable our entire lives.

    • Virgina: (Speaking about Charmaine) She never could help Mama because she had heart flutters and she never could take gym class, no, because she had a tipped uterus and she never did any housework because she had a spastic colon. Now, she has attached kidneys.
      Blanche: That girl is some kind of mutant.

    • Rose: You hold her life in your hands. What are you gonna do?
      Blanche: I don't know!
      Sophia: I'm glad you're not my sister.

    • Rose: Blanche, your sister seemed very nice.
      Blanche: She was nicer than she's ever been. She was interested, charming, caring, loving. Just couldn't have been more wonderful. I just wonder what she wants, the conniving little witch.

    • Blanche: (To Virgina) You know at your age, when you lose weight, your skin just hangs there like leaves on a willow.

    • Blanche: (Speaking to Rose about Virgina) It was the day before Christmas and we were playing and she jiggled the tree and the star fell off and broke. So she told me to pick it up and put it on my finger. And I did. Then she plugged it in.

    • Blanche: (To Rose) You know what she used to do? She used to bite herself on the arm and then run crying to Daddy that I had done it and he'd punish me.

    • Rose: (Referring to to Blanche) Where ever she goes, she finds a man.
      Sophia: So do hookers.

    • (Dorothy and Rose are baby talking to the baby)
      Sophia: What are you two carrying on about? It's like talking to a salami!

    • Sophia (to Virginia): I'd give you my kidney, but I'm sure you'd rather have one you could control.

    • Rose: Sophia, if you hated your sister, would you spend the whole day cleaning the house?
      Sophia: I'd put Vaseline on the tips of her walker!

    • Blanche: We can't have a baby here; my sister's coming!
      Dorothy: Does she eat them?

    • Blanche: I don't want any babies around. Babies make messes.
      Dorothy: In diapers, and unless we use them as placemats, your sister will never know.

    • Blanche: Sleeping with your brothers is southern.

    • Rose: (to Blanche) Why would she need a kidney?
      Dorothy: To feed the cat, Rose!

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