The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 15

Triple Play

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Blanche places an ad in the paper for a Mercedes that she has listed for sale. The car is not hers, but she has rented it to meet "six months' supply" of men. Meanwhile, Rose is excited to meet Miles' daughter, Caroline, and Sophia seems suddenly to have an abundant supply of cash.

When Miles' daughter arrives, she makes it clear to Rose when the two are alone that she does not approve of Rose dating Miles so soon after Caroline's mother's death. Meanwhile, Blanche has her hands full juggling all the men who want to buy her car. Dorothy confronts Sophia about the money and learns that Social Security has made a mistake and that she has over $170,000 in cash.

Dorothy convinces Sophia to return the money, and Blanche agrees to help Rose in her dilemma if Dorothy will settle the men issue in the living room. Blanche confronts Caroline in front of Miles about what she said to Rose in the kitchen, and Miles tells his daughter that it's none of her business. Dorothy tells the men the truth about the Mercedes, and in doing so, gets asked out by one of them. Miles informs Rose that Caroline will just have to learn to live with his new life that includes Rose, and Blanche acts gracious when Dorothy tells her what happened with the men all leaving in a huff, except the one who asked her out. When Dorothy leaves with Blanche's apparent blessing and the keys to her Mercedes, Blanche makes a telephone call to report a "stolen Mercedes."