The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 15

Triple Play

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1990 on NBC

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  • 'You can tell a lot about a man just by the way they drive' 'You know thats true. Sometimes stan couldn't even get the key into the ignition'

    This episode was wonderful because it had three plots going on simultaneously, sometimes that doesn't happen often in the show. They skipped from Blanche, to Rose, to Dorothy and Sophia. Something i liked.
    Blanche is so funny in this episode. She places an ad in the paper that she has a car for sale (which she doesn't) to attract men. The only problem for her is that men actually want to by it, something she didn't expect to happen. Classic

    Rose meets Miles' daughter who tells Rose to stay away from Miles because it had only been a year since his wife died. The social security made a mistake and sophia had been receiving thousand's of dollars from the US government. Something that dorothy is very shocked about when she finds out. A wonderful episode. Sophia 'The car is haunted. I Should know i rode in it. 'You look fine'
    Sophia ' I'm 27 years old'
  • Blanche finds scheme to meet man and date them.

    Blanche plans on saling her mercadies.She of course is refusing to sale her car to any woman.But to man yes.This is her another scheme to find an way to meet man.Even to date them.Which is to sale her car.Its also Miles birthday.But when he told Rose that his daughter is coming to visit him.She thought that they all could have dinner together.Dorthy learns that her mother Sophia is getting money check from the goverment and tells her to give it back.During dinner Miles daughter Charlotte gets her first impression of Rose.After finding out what she cooked in her food.She gets the idea that Rose isn't perfect for Miles.So she tells him not to see him anymore and stay away.So Blanche not enjoying that all the man are more interested in the mercadies than her.

    This was an interesting episode.However for this episode it left me an lot of questioned.How did Miles daughter knew that he was in Miami.Cause in the witness protection.You can't tell anyone else where you are at
  • Rose's response ro the English Hirn...........

    Rose's funniest line of the whole series was when, she asked Mile's daughter, Caroline, what instrument she played ??the English horn.... Rose's response was the best audience
  • Wait?

    Miles has a daughter? In later episodes, I thought he was in witness protection and could have no contact with anyone that he knew in his past and he said he wasn't really a professor. I think it was the cheese man is dead episode or his daughter knew about all this?
  • I hate Miles's daughter

    What a fucking bitch. That stupid slut Caroline is getting on my last nerve. Ugly ***.
  • Rose prepares for meeting Miles\\\' daughter for the first time, but she suggests that Rose stay away from him. Meanwhile, Blanche pretends to be selling a car in hopes of attracting men, but the men are more interested in the car than Blanche.

    Triple Play is another good episode of the series. Miles proves his dedication to Rose by telling his daughter she was wrong. Blanche says she\\\'ll fix the problem with Miles only if Dorothy can get rid of the men wanting the car. All but one of the men leave, and interestingly, the remaining man would rather date Dorothy. Blanche, in a move that was very much true to character, tells Dorothy to take the mercedes and then calls the police to report it stolen. This is where the episode ends. It is never said what happens to Dorothy, but the audience can definitely assume that she got her due.