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  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Engagement (a.k.a.) T...

  • According to Betty White, she was nervous about switching the roles because she understood Blanche, but did not get who Rose was. She said Susan Harris gave her the character in a nutshell, and from then on, she is enternally grateful to Jay Sandrich whose idea it was to switch the roles.

  • In Bea Arthur's one woman show, she confirms that Sophia's line in the pilot regarding Harry being a "scuzball" was originally written to say "The man is a douchebag," and that this was the only line the censors would not allow.

  • On the front door of Blanche's home, there is an exclamation point type looking engravement, which remains there for the rest of the series.

  • Meshach Taylor, who plays the policeman in this pilot episode, is better known for his long-term role as Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women which ran on CBS from 1986-1993.

  • Sophia looks different in the pilot episode (as well as much of Season 1) than she does in the rest of the series. She looks much older than she does in the other seasons of the show.

  • The series was pitched with the title, Miami Nice but was changed before the "Pilot" was filmed. The pilot script is titled The Golden Girls.

  • When Blanche asked if she could borrow Dorothy's mink stole, Dorothy said "it's Miami in June", that's also the night Sophia moved in because Shady Pines burned down. But in the episode Never Yell Fire Pt 1, Dorothy said Shady Pines burned down in September.

  • In this episode, Dorothy says that she's from Queens, but in future episodes, she and Sophia and from Brooklyn.

  • In this episode, Dorothy says that Stan is 65, and left her after 38 years of marriage. Dorothy became pregnant at 17 in 1946, if Stanley was 65, that would mean he would've been born in 1920. That leaves an 9-year difference between the two of them, meaning he would've been 26 when he got Dorothy pregnant. Surely back in the '40s, they had laws for someone of age having sex with someone underage.

  • When Sophia first comes, Blanche tells Harry that Sophia's home had burned down. But Blanche was in her bedroom when Sophia said this. So, there's no way she could have known at that time.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Guess Who's Coming to the...

  • Goof When Dorothy told Stan "After three years, I didn't think you were coming back", that would mean that Kate (or Michael, who isn't seen, or mentioned, in this episode) would be at least 40.  If you remember, Dorothy and Stan got married because Dorothy got pregnant at 17, and then were married for 38 years.

    Kate looks nothing like a woman who is 40; she looks to be in her mid-twenties.

  • Continuity: While this episode centers around Dorothy and Stan's daughter, Kate, where is their son (and Kate's brother), Michael? Unless there was some strife in the family (which is NEVER mentioned), why wouldn't Michael come to Kate's wedding? There isn't even a mention of him at all.

  • Towards the end of the episode where Dorothy is confronting Stan, at time 22:50, you can see what seems to be camera equipment move into the shot towards the bottom left of the frame.

  • The scene where Dorothy squeezes Blanche's hand (as an aide to dealing with Stan) appears in the opening credits throughout season one.

  • The backdrop outside of Dorothy's window doesn't seem to match the establishing shot of the neighborhood at the beginning of each episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Rose the Prude

  • Trivia: Rose reveals (for the first time) that Charlie died while he and Rose were making love.

  • Sophia quips that Blanche only waited til the paramedics came to get with other men. However, in "In a Bed of Rose's," George died in a car accident and she was at home by the phone. On other occasions, Blanche was having a pedicure.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Transplant

  • Blanche prides herself on being such a classy lady, and yet she's going to say she comes from a place where women would sleep with their own brothers?

  • In this episode, we learn that Virginia and Blanche's other sister, Charmaine, cannot give Virginia a kidney because her two kidneys are attached.

  • Blanche states that Virginia is the only family she has but she's forgetting about Big Daddy, her other sister, Charmaine, and her brother Clayton.

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