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  • Season 2 Episode 26: Empty Nests

  • An interesting bit of technical crew trivia, but camera operator Randy Baer who only operated "The Pilot," and the second season premiere, and Donna J. Quante, who only operated "The Pilot" returned to work on the pilot of "Empty Nest."

  • This episode features guest stars Paul Dooley and Rita Moreno as George and Renee Corliss.

  • When Renee is sitting at the kitchen table with Dorothy, she accidentally calls her Darcy.

  • In this episode Dorothy mentions that they have a pool. And in prior episodes they mention that they do not have pool. When did this Pool show up?

  • Season 2 Episode 25: A Piece of Cake

  • Trivia: According to a flashback, Sophia was born in April of 1906.

  • The girls surprise Blanche with an early party because they don't want her to catch on. They obviously know when her birthay is. However, Season Six's "Snap Out of it" comes and all of a sudden the girls have an ephiany that it must be her birthday, and go to great lengths to find out when it is. They already know.

  • Alan Blumenfeld plays Mr. Ha Ha in this episode. He appeared once before on The Golden Girls in the first season episode entitled "Second Motherhood" where he played the part of Lou, the plumber.

  • Season 2 Episode 24: To Catch a Neighbor

  • Rose mentioned that she saw the McDowells at the grocery store and wrote down everything they bought. When Martha comes over, she mentions that Rose followed her around the store yesterday. All the characters were in the same clothes. A day had not passed yet.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Son-in-Law Dearest

  • Goof: In the kitchen when Dorothy is talking about her daughter taking back her cheating husband, there's a bowl of grapes on the table in front of Sophia. When the camera switches, the grapes are gone. When it moves back, the grapes are back, and then they're gone again.

  • Dennis Drake would go on to become a crew member in very early episodes of Will & Grace.

  • Rose asks why any man cheats, essentially saying she doesn't believe in such things. However, in season seven, she not only cheats, but seems excited about it, due to Miles' frugality.

  • The scene on the lanai where Dorothy talks to Dennis mirrors the scene in season one where Dorothy expresses her feelings towards Stan.

  • When Dorothy wakes Sophia up, Sophia talks about a dream where she was stranded on a desert island with Cesar Romero. Cesar Romero would later play her boyfriend Tony in the episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Before They Die".

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Diamond in the Rough

  • In this episode, the girls meet "Jake the Caterer". Blanche becomes infatuated with him. In thier first encounter with Jake, in the living room, when Blanche takes him by the hand off the couch and asks him(while next to the front door) when she can come over and sample his selection... On the inside of the front door, at about "neck" level with the actors, you can see there looks like theres an "exclamation point" embedded into the door. At no time can you see it better than when Blanche is talking to Jake right in front of it before leaving, but it's there throughout. Not sure if it's there throughout the series, and have yet to find an explanation.

  • Continuity Error: Blanche sits down with the girls and pours herself a cup of tea, but when she stands up to leave the cup is in its original position, next to the teapot.

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Dorothy's Prized Pupil

  • Rose talks about Grandma Nylund's 100th birthday. First off, Nylund is her married name, and this would be Charlie's grandmother, yet this woman is depicted as some Scandinavian Viking, which would fit with who Rose's relatives are, but not Charlie's.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Whose Face is This, Anyway?

  • First of all, there were many other episodes dealing with Blanches fading looks/feeling older.   Also, during this entire episode, Sophia uses the "Fess Parker" joke against Dorothy a whopping FIVE times.  Were the writers feeling lazy when they wrote this one?

  • When you go to a hospital you tell the admission's desk, or in some case's the security guard in the lobby who you are there to see. If Blanche checked herself out, whoever the girls checked in with would have told them Blanche was gone before they even got to her room. You're not allowed to wander the halls of a hospital ward.  Also, the name of the patient is usually on the outside of the door to their room.  They would have noticed that Blanche's name wasn't on the door.

  • When Blanche tells the girls she wants to have plastic surgery, Rose says she doesn't believe in plastic surgery and is too afraid to ever have it done. But in the Vacation episode earlier in the season when stranded on the desert island, we find out Rose has had a nose job.

  • This episode is the only time Rose going to junior college is ever mentioned. Also, in Yes, We Have No Havanas, Rose reveals she didn't graduate high school because she contracted mono and slept through her last course and the graduation. Wouldn't she have to have graduated high school first to be admitted into a junior college?

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