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  • Season 5 Episode 4: Rose Fights Back

  • Viewed by 30.7 million people, ranking #4 for the week.

  • According to Marc Sotkin, when writing this episode, had wanted to title it something along the lines of "The Rose Goes Back to Work Show" or something like that, at which point Executive Producers told him they don't title their shows that way, and in an effort to be sly, named episodes like "Ebb Tide" which, to him didn't make sense, but apparently pleased the producers.

  • The exterior shots of the television station where Enrique Mas works is the same building where the girls appeared on the game show "Grab that Dough" in Hollywood.

  • Season 5 Episode 3: The Accurate Conception

  • Viewed by 28.4 million people, ranking #7 for the week.

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Sick and Tired (2)

  • In this episode, Dorothy drinks champagne.  However, in "Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself", Dorothy claims that she doesn't like champagne, and that it would only succeed in making her burp.

  • Viewed by 34.8 million people for the week. Ranked at #5.

  • Dorothy has quite vivid, florid words for the doctor as she tells him off, and is quite audible, but apparently all the other "patrons" don't even lift an eye, as apparently this is just an every day occurence in a fancy restaurant.

  • In the final scene, how likely is it that Dr. Budd just happens to not only be in Miami, but at the very same restaurant as Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose at the very precise moment they are "celebrating" Dorothy's diagnosis? I know sitcoms aren't realistic, but this is a little too much suspension of reality.

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Sick and Tired (1)

  • According to this episode, Blanche was out getting a pedicure when George died, but according to another episode, Blanche was at home when the police called.

  • Averaged 34.8 million people for the week ranking at #4.

  • On the original episodes, this episode marks the start of an updated opening sequence. Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty now have new clips during their credit.

    (When shown on Lifetime syndication, this version of the opening is shown only during several episodes from season 7)

  • Season 4 Episode 26: We're Outta Here (2)

  • When Sophia brings the box of canned goods for Father Rossi, it's obvious the box is empty as that size box containing canned goods would be far heavier.

  • Season 4 Episode 24: Foreign Exchange

  • In response to the comment about Dorothy looking directly at the studio/camera...I think she has done this a few times over the series' run.  One other time I can remember Bea Arthur acknowledging the camera is in the episode where they hire the Housekeeper.  She looks directly at the studio audience and says, "We're all going to be turned into Kumquats."

  • When one goes for bloodwork, your results are not returned same day, especially in the 1980s.

  • When Dorothy is in bed with Sophia and is comforted by the people who claim to be her actual parents, Dorothy actually looks directly at the camera when she says "I think I'm slowly going out of my mind!" This is very unusual, admitting the presence of a camera.

    Response to above: I don't think that's what Bea was doing. I think she was clearly looking diagonally. None of Witt/Thomas/Harris shows have ever done this to my knowledge. I think you mistook it.

  • Vito Scotti previously appeared in the third season episode, "Rose's Big Adventure". Many might recognize him from playing other Italians on other 80's sitcoms, Uncle Aldo Micelli on Who's the Boss?, and Dino Forenzi on Charles in Charge.

  • In this episode they say that Dorothy was born in a hospital, but in the episode where Sophia was watching Dreyfuss she told Dorothy that she was born on the Pennuckle table at Sal's lodge and even said "Hospital the closest that your father ever got to a hospital was when he delivered ice"

  • Season 4 Episode 23: Rites of Spring

  • In this episode, when the girls are discussing Sophia weighing 98 pounds, Blanche says she says she weighed 98 pounds in college, and Dorothy answers back with, "Where did you go to college Blanche, the University Of Jupiter?" This was a BIG mistake on the writers part because on Jupiter, weight is about 2.36 times the amount on Earth, not lighter which is what was suggested by this joke.

  • Lloyd Bochner played Patrick Vaughn, a womanizing actor, in the Season Two episode "The Actor."

  • In this episode Sophia states she has never weighed more than 100 pounds in her life. In another episode when Sophia finds a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life, on the list it says lose 200 pounds... and Sophia says, "did it!"

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