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  • Season 4 Episode 21: Little Sister

  • When Dorothy and Blanche are in the kitchen trying to covince Rose that Holly is a good person and has invited them to a movie, Rose accidentally walks into the living room to find Gary and Holly making out. Are we to assume that Blanche didn't even know Gary was at the house? Also, how did he get to the house, nevermind the living room, without Blanche and Dorothy knowing? Wouldn't Blanche and Dorothy have seen his car when they left to go to the movies?

  • In this episode, Rose expresses often how much she dislikes/hates her sister. Yet in a previous episode, Transplant, when Blanche's sister comes to visit and Blanche goes on about how she hated her sister, Rose said she didn't understand how someone could hate their own sister.

  • When Rose's sister first makes her appearance and is in the process of identifying Blanche, Dorothy herself (from how Rose has spoken of them to her I assume) Sophia walks out from the kitchen and says "Who's this?" Rose's sister says to her "She's feisty, zesty, and full of old world charm, Sophia." Sophia retorts "She's mopey, dopey, and full of crap Rose's sister." How did Sophia know she was Rose's sister when she wasn't present when Rose told Dorothy and Blanche she was coming? Not to mention seconds prior she had just asked "Who's this?"

  • Dorothy and Blanche seem to be totally out of character. Much like in Dorothy in Season One's "The Triangle" and Dorothy again in Season Three's "Dorothy's New Friend," in which Dorothy disregards her own friends feelings for someone she hardly knows. These women have been together for years, and know and trust each other. Why would Dorothy and Blanche take Holly's side over Rose's, call her ridiculous and not respect her thoughts? Doesn't Rose know her own sister better than Dorothy and Blanche?

  • Inga Swanson was Ingrid Swenson on Soap. Witt, Thomas, Harris apparently liked using various cast members from their sitcoms to play various roles in other sitcoms of theirs including Benson, Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Golden Palace.

  • Season 4 Episode 20: High Anxiety

  • It seems highly unlikely that neither Rose's friends, family, or doctor would not notice a 30 year addiction to pain pills. The side effects alone from taking this type of pill for so long would be noticable. Not to mention that if she had been taking pills for 30 years, she would need to be taking more than one per day to have the desired effect. Over time her body would have built up a tolerance to the drug.

  • In this episode,Sophia said that she never breastfed Dorothy.However in "Till Death do we volley",Sophia said Dorothy was breastfed until she was 2.

  • Not only is Dorothy's breast feeding in question, but now so is Phil's. In "Transplant" Sophia remarked about how Phil loved the breastmilk til he was 12 years old and wanted to race home from school at lunchtime for a tasty treat.

  • While Dorothy is slurping up what's left in the blender, Sophia says, "Is it any wonder that I never breast fed you?" But actually, in Season 2's And Then There Was One, Sophia says that she breast-fed all her children, except her son Phil.

  • Continuity Error: Rose says during the game that she owns the only street in St. Olaf. However, in "Brother, Can You Spare that Jacket?" she mentions another street, and in Season One she talks about her father pulling a tuna up Main Street. So, there's at least three streets in St. Olaf.

  • Dorothy says Rose is allergic to cats even though we know Rose met Blanche (in "The Way We Met") while looking for a new apartment after being evicted for having a cat. It is also mentioned in another episode that she had a cat named Lindstrom Lindstrom and in another episode she mentions that her dog Rusty saved her whole family from a fire, including a cat who they never really liked.

  • Season 4 Episode 19: Till Death Do We Volley

  • This is the ONLY time in the entire series where Bea Arthur wears anything other than her typical floor length dress or pants. (Other than the Henny Penny episode where she is in leotards playing Turkey Lurkey)  In a quick shot near the tennis courts you can see for a split second that she is actually wearing a tennis skirt.

  • How is it possible that Trudy was able to stage her own death? Wouldn't Dorothy have had to take her to the hospital, where a doctor would have had to pronounce her dead? And why wasn't there any funeral planned or relatives called? They make it seem as if Dorothy just assumed she was dead and left her body on the tennis court.

  • Not only is it completely preposterous to have a high school reunion in Miami for people who went to school in Brooklyn, but apparently, for story purposes in these writers minds, it made more sense to squeeze a most likely 100+ graduating class down to fifteen people so they could all fit into the house, rather than doing the logical thing and hold it in some kind of hall.

  • When Trudy scolds Dorothy, asking her what kind of man would jump into bed with her dearest friend's husband, Blanche defends "not necessarily a bad person. . ." However, in Season One's "That Was No Lady" Blanche professes she has never been with a married man because he always gives the expensive gifts to the wife.

    To add: Agreed! Also, Blanche has said something to the effect of, "Why do men lie about being married?Don'tthey know we'll sleep with them anyway?". This alsoimpliesthat Blanche has no qualms about sleeping with married men.

  • Why is Blanche getting mad at Trudy for staging her death when she told the girls in the second season episode, "It's a Miserable Life", that when she was a teenager she pretended she died? She said they had a funeral for her and she ran out saying "I'm not dead!"

  • Sophia says to Rose and Blanche, "You guys both have college credits." But this isn't true for Rose, we know, because in another episode, Dorothy teaches a night school class, and Rose shows up because she didn't even have her High School Diploma!

    To add: Rose told a story before about when she took s at the Junior College in St. Olaf.

  • Sophia is wearing the red dress that her sister Angela wore at Sophia's birthday party in the second season episode, "The Sisters".

  • Season 4 Episode 17: You Gotta Have Hope

  • Goof: (Continuity)Rose says that Gunter and AlmaNylundwere her adopted parents. The writers obviously made a slip and forgot what Rose's married name was. She married Charlie Nylund. Her adopted parents were the Lindstroms. Also, in "Blanche and the Younger Man" Dorothy clearly referred to Alma as Mrs. Lindstrom.

  • Not only is Nylund her married name, but Rose says her father's name was Gunter. However, in another episode, she had an Uncle Gunter.

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