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  • Season 4 Episode 17: You Gotta Have Hope

  • Goof: (Continuity)Rose says that Gunter and AlmaNylundwere her adopted parents. The writers obviously made a slip and forgot what Rose's married name was. She married Charlie Nylund. Her adopted parents were the Lindstroms. Also, in "Blanche and the Younger Man" Dorothy clearly referred to Alma as Mrs. Lindstrom.

  • Not only is Nylund her married name, but Rose says her father's name was Gunter. However, in another episode, she had an Uncle Gunter.

  • Goof: Rose says in this episode that she was left on the doorstep of the Nylunds when she was a baby and adopted. However we know her married name, not her maiden was Nylund, and her maiden name was Lindstrom. She also says in this episode she was adopted as a baby but in the episode where she meets her father she says she was in an orphanage until she was 8.

  • In real life, Bob Hope and Betty White were friends and he appeared on the episode as a favor to her.

  • Season 4 Episode 16: Two Rode Together

  • According to the dates given in this episode when Sophia and Dorothy are looking at the old photographs, Dorothy was born in 1932, making her 53 years old at the start of the series. This makes her the exact same age as Blanche, according to the age given for her in the episode "Mother's Day." Of course, in real life, Bea Arthur is actually significantly older, being born in 1922.

  • Season 4 Episode 15: Valentine's Day

  • In this episode the girls arrive at a nudist camp in the "mountains." The desk clerk even says that they aresupposedly so far from civilization that "the bus doesn't leave down the mountain until the morning." The closest "mountains" to Miami would probably be in northern Georgia, and even then, that would still be at least a ten hour drive from Miami. This is pretty far to go just for a Valentine's Day weekend.

  • In this episode Dorothy said that it's disgusting that people show their naked bodies to other people, but in season 2 "Bedtime Story" Dorothy told Blanche that she always wanted to try a nudist camp.

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Love Me Tender

  • Dorothy says that she wouldn't have accepted the date if it wasn't Sophia's best friend Edna's nephew. However, just a few episodes later, Sophia's best friend Edith dies.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: The Impotence of Being Er...

  • Here Rose takes Dorothy's advice and agrees that maybe she and Ernie can see a sex therapist. However, in "Break-In" in Season One, Rose says that they never see therapists back home.

  • If you will notice when Rose is having dinner with Ernie, her purse strap is on her shoulder when they first sit down. Then they cut away to Ernie and then back to Rose, her strap is missing. They cut back to Ernie and then again to Rose and her purse strap is back on her shoulder.

  • In this episode Dorothy talks about how she fed Stanley so many oysters that when he passed a kidney stone she had it appraised. However, in the first season episode, "The Way We Met," Blanche has to explain to Dorothy about using oysters as aphrodisiacs.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Blind Date

  • After Blanche gets a call from another man and decides to cancel her date with the blind guy, Dorothy remarks that this is Blanche's best relationship in five years.  However, if we are going by the series timeline, Dorothy has only known Blanche for 3-4 years AT BEST, so how would she know about her relationships five years ago?  And even if Blanche did tell the girls about ALL her previous relationships, wouldn't her almost getting married in the pilot episode constitute a better relationship than this one?

  • At the end of the episode, Blanche's ex-boyfriend tells her that she's a music lover so she probably has a big behind. When she meets his new girlfriend, she comments that his new date is an even bigger music lover than she is, even though the womannoticably weighs lessand isa lot thinner in stature than Blanche. Couldn't they have gotten a curvier actress to support this joke?

  • Season 4 Episode 11: The Auction

  • In the start of this episode, the outside shot of the house looks as if it is raining and foggy. This is further supported by the girls' discussion of the roof leaking. However, when Dorothy walks in the front door during the opening of the episode, it looks like it is sunny and bright while she is checking the mail.

  • According to Rose in this episode, her Uncle Gustaf was a coal "mimer." However, in Season Five's "All Bets Are Off," Uncle Gustaf commited suicide after his horse defeated him for water commissioner, and hung himself in the barn.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Stan Takes a Wife

  • Apparently Stan was either never married, or got divorced, because the next time we see Stan in an episode, there's no mention of Stan's wife or a divorce for that matter.

  • This is the final Episode Veteran Writer Winifred Hervey would pen for the Show.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Scared Straight

  • If you notice in this episode there is a peephole in the front door but you don't see it in any other episodes.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Brother, Can You Spare Th...

  • In this episode when Blanche is talking to the guy in the homeless shelter you see Sophia in the backround. A second later, she is gone.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Sophia's Wedding (2)

  • This episode features ANOTHER joke referencing Anita Bryant.  The gay wedding planner remarks to Blanche "Excuse me for living Anita Bryant."  Her name is also mentioned in the episode where Dorothy and Rose write the song "Miami, You've Got Style" and Dorothy walks in after they lose the songwriting contest and says, "They told us to get out of the way when they took the winner's picture with Anita Bryant."

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