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  • Season 7 Episode 17: Questions and Answers

  • Nitpick: It seems very odd that the girls would have gotten Rose a dog, especially one as large as Jake, in light of other episodes in which Blanche is totally against dogs being in the house (i.e. in the episode when Rose tries to hide a stray, and another when Sophia takes care of Dreyfuss).

  • In this episode, Dorothy says that her college major was American History. When playing "The Golden Girls Trivia Game" on, the correct answer to the question "What was Dorothy's college major" is World History.

  • Rose's long-departed, yet beloved, dog was named Rusty. She is quite fond of telling the story of Rusty's heroic death after he saved her family from a fire.

  • Season 7 Episode 15: Goodbye, Mr. Gordon

  • Goof: Malcolm/Mr. Gordon mentions that Dorothy didn't hand in an assignment because she had married Stan, but couldn't remember his last name.  How could he have looked up Dorothy in Miami if he didn't know her last name (he knew her as Petrillo, not Zbornak)?  Additionally, how could he have known that she lived in Miami now?

  • Goof:Dorothy states that she was seventeen in the 11th grade, while her teacher, Mr. Gordon, was twenty-three. However, she also states that now Mr. Gordon is in his 70s and is ancient. Dorothy is not near her 70s in this episode, so her math may be a little off.

  • Sophia's calendar from 1984 marks the day she escaped from Shady Pines. However, Sophia escaped in 1985, after the home burned down.

  • James T Callahan plays Dorothy's high school teacher despite being younger than actress Beatrice Arthur.

  • James Callahan was a drama teacher at Beverly Hills High School prior to becoming an actor full time.

  • Season 7 Episode 14: Old Boyfriends

  • When Thor (Ken Berry) sees Rose for the first time, he does not give his last name.  It is Rose (Betty White) who asks, "Thor?  Thor Anderson?  I can't believe it!"  Minutes later, when Thor leaves the house, Rose comments to the other girls, "I haven't the slightest idea who that man is."

    How does Rose know Thor's last name without recognizing him?

  • This is the second time Sophia was involved in a situation that was prompted by someone's impending death. (The other was the episode where Sophia's friend wanted her to assist with the friend's suicide.)

  • Season 7 Episode 13: The Pope's Ring

  • The ring Sophia has that she got from the pope has a large red jem in the middle.

  • When Miles asks Rose if she's ever made love outdoors, Rose says "just once" and proceeds to tell a story about Mt. Pushover in St. Olaf, which was a make-out point. However, in another episode Rose tells of dressing up as a sandwich in a St. Olaf parade with Charlie, forgetting to put the meat in between them, and then conceiving Kirsten.

  • Season 7 Episode 12: From Here to the Pharmacy

  • Goof (Continuity): Sophia says that Sal didn't come back from WWII until 1951, however, she has also admitted that Dorothy was married in 1949, and Dorothy mentioned that Sal was the one who made her marry Stan.  If he didn't get back until 1951, how did he know about Dorothy's pregnancy and how could he make her marry Stan?

  • Goof: Rose tells an eerie story about a cow that was awarded custody of the car because Charlie tried to be funny with his will, and how she enjoyed it when it was made into a steak. However, in Season Six's "Henny Penny, Straight -- No Chaser," Rose can't fathom an animal being harmed, let alone killed.

  • Goof:Sophia admits to having hoarded checks from Phil and Gloria all these years. However, in several episodes Sophia states that Phil lives in a trailer park and is not financially stable. Where would he find the money to send her these checks?

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Room 7

  • When Sophia supposedly "jumps" off the roof at Grammie's plantation, her stunt dummy looses its wig in the trees.

  • When Sophia passes out at the beginning of the episode, she is supposedly choking on something. When she wakes up, however, she starts coughing violently--but you can totally tell that there was nothing stuck in her throat, because nothing comes up.

  • Season 7 Episode 10: Ro$e Love$ Mile$

  • On Sophia's list of things to do, her first thing is to lose 200 pounds. However, in "Rites of Spring" Sophia declares she has never been under 99 pounds. Also, if this episode were believed to be true, then it would totally discredit the episode in which Sophia states that her vanity of her beauty caused her to try and get the new beautiful girl in the village to move away so the men could continue fighting over her.

  • The man who plays Guido Spirelli (Phil Leeds) when Sophia is in Italy, also appeared as a waiter in the Second Season of Maude in the episode "Music Hath Charms." This is pretty rare that actors would reunite almost 20 years later (although Guido is never seen with Dorothy in this episode of The Golden Girls)

  • In this episode if you notice when Miles and Rose are in the restaurant as they flash back and forth to Rose, first her pocketbook strap is on her shoulder then it's off then it's on...

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