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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Transplant

  • Rose can't believe that Blanche hates her sister, Virginia. But on the episode entitled, "Little Sister", Rose repeatedly mentions how much she hates her sister, Holly.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Triangle

  • Notice when Dorothy first goes to go talk to Blanche before Rose makes a snide comment, she starts to go into the door which is supposedly Sophia's bedroom. The scene cuts and she enters Blanche's bedroom. However, when Rose opens the door you can see into the hall, and you can see the door at the end of the hall, which is where Blanche's bedroom is supposed to be. The room they are in, while dressed like Blanche's, is where Dorothy's bedroom comes to be.

  • Blanche tells Elliot she is not accostumed to being manhandled. Well, apparently within a year or two, she's really changed her tune, because in season two she runs thru the house with a Santa Claus and in season seven she is appalled that the women don't think of her as the biggest slut there is.

  • The negligee Blanche wears while at the bar, is the same one Katherine Helmond wears in an episode of Soap.

  • Blanche pours Elliot a drink from the bar. In later episodes the TV is where the bar is.

  • Blanche is angry and offended at being called a slut, but in later episodes, she takes pride in being "the biggest slut."

    RESPONSE TO ABOVE: Not only that, but in season five Blanche tells Rose that she knows all about a man's history before getting intimate. That would mean that with all her one night stands, she must start her dates off asking who they've bauffed, before hopping into bed with them.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: On Golden Girls

  • The actor who plays Blanche's grandson "David" is the real life brother of the actor who plays Dorothy's son "Michael" in the show.

  • In season six Blanche doesn't want her daughter Becky to have little Aurora call her Grandma. However, in this episode, she has no problem when David calls her that.

  • Dorothy tells the kids that came with David that if anything is missing, she'll give their names to every narc in the city. But she can't know their names as they just met and she never asked.

  • It is implied that Blanche and the girls were around their early or mid 50's in this first season. Therefore, it's not entirely plausible that Blanche has a teenage grandson already, unless she became a grandmother in her late 30's or early 40's. That's possible, I suppose, but then that means Blanche had her daughter Janet when she was really young, in her teens, and it was never mentioned that Blanche was a teenage mother.

  • When David indicates that he'd like to live with the girls for good, Blanche keeps saying that she would love to have an opportunity to raise her grandson and "make up for the mess she made" with her daughter Janet. However, given that David is a teenager, it's a bit of a stretch to say that Blanche would be "raising" him at this point.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: The Competition

  • While Blanche is discussing ways to get back at Rose by sleeping with her brother, Dorothy mentions to Blanche that Rose has six brothers.  We never again hear about or see any of Rose's supposed six brothers, even in the episode where Rose travels to St. Olaf to win woman of the year(though she does hear from her friend Ingrid). 

  • The Sophia story line centers on the fact that Sophia's first boyfriend, from Sicily is coming to Miami to meet her. She claims that when he left for the war, she never heard from him again (World War I). How is it that Augustine not only knew she had married (and her married name) and gone to America, but was now living in Miami?

  • When Blanche exits the kitchen, you can see a 1984 calendar on the wall even though this episode aired in late 1985. The year is not visible, but the dates and days of the week align with 84.

  • The Studio Lights are seen throughout the series in Sophias Glasses...

  • In paying close attention at the bowling alley scene, the extras behind the girls are laughing at all of the witty slams the girls say to one another.

  • When Blanche arrives home to show everybody her new bowling ball, she takes it out and you can see 6 or 7 lights shining on it in its reflection, obviously the studio lights

  • As the Bowling Tourmament starts Dorothy says that they are bowling in Alley 7, but when Dorothy takes her lost shot, it shows Alley 1, which is at the far left end of the Bowling Alley.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Break-In

  • This is the only episode where the opening shows a shot of a body of water (presumably Miami Bay), though by looking at the house's location, it is not even near any large body of water.

  • Blanche claims the robbers couldn't sell Dorothy's stole because "nobody wears stoles anymore" however, just a few episodes earlier in the Pilot, Blanche borrowed this very stole from Dorothy to wear on a date. Furthermore, she wore it in the mid-June heat just because she thought it looked so fashionable.

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