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  • Season 6 Episode 26: Henny Penny -- Straight, ...

  • Rose is appalled at the thought of exposing this horror story to children about harming animals, but when custody of the car was awarded to the cow in Charlie's will as a joke, Rose was anxious to cook it up and sink her teeth into a juicy steak. Not violent much, huh?

  • David Jay Willis, who portrayed the flower delivery man, also did the Warm-ups at the tapings of The Golden Girls.

  • Why would Mel Bushman be sending flowers and a card addressed to Blanche explaining he was going back to his ex-wife if he thought Blanche was dead?

  • Season 6 Episode 24: Never Yell Fire in a Crow...

  • It is said repeatedly throughout the series by each of the girls themselves that they don't have a lot of extra money. But, in this episode Dorothy manages to dig up the bail money for Sophia, which totaled $5,000 within that same day. This is strange considering episodes before when she and Stan were getting audited, Dorothy struggled to come up with half that amount over a course of 30 days, yet in this episode she came up with twice as much over the course of an hour according to Dorothy herself.

  • How realistic is it that a death-bed confession of an elderly woman who was not quite lucid at the time, constituted an "air tight" case for arson, in which case Sophia is arrested and sent to jail? Well, if you go onto the Golden Girls forum and talk to Marc Sotkin, he states, that after he wrote 102 stories from his run on GG alone, it doesn't matter to be factually accurate and that "If one little detail is going to un-do an entire story - go ahead and put the old lady on death row."

  • Season 6 Episode 22: What a Difference a Date ...

  • Sophia says to a dieting Blanche that she never weighed more than 100 lbs in her adult life, yet in Ro$e Love$ Mile$ (where Sophia goes to ask for Guido Spirelli's forgiveness), she states that she already fullfilled her goal to lose 200lbs.

  • Blanche becomes angry when Rose eats her "sensible meal" – a tuna quiche or a little pie as Rose calls it. Yet in the 5th season episode, "Love Under the Big Top", when Blanche offers to give up tuna fish because of the dolphin issue Rose points out that Blanche "hates tuna fish."

  • If Blanche put herself through the process of dieting and taking a picture in her wedding dress every year and Rose apparently knows of this tradition, why is Rose surprised when Blanche emerges in her RED wedding dress?

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Witness

  • Goof (Continuity):In this episode, Miles returns to Miami. Rose blows his Witness Protection cover by calling him Miles, but in "Miles to Go", she learns his real name is Nicholas Carbone and calls him "Nick".

  • Goof: When Dorothy and Blanche are going through her family trivia, it is revealed that Blanche's great-great-grandmother is not Southern. However, later in the episode, when Blanche is telling her family tree, she stops after her mother and father (meaning her grandparents), claiming she cannot go on, then states "I'm a Feldman". How could she forget that this part of the family tree doesn't come until later?

  • Goof (Continuity): Blanche says that she is the daughter of Samantha Roquet of Shreveport, but in the episode "Big Daddy", Big Daddy says that his wife's (and Blanche's mother) name was "Elizabeth Ann". How could her name have changed from Elizabeth Ann toSamantha?

  • It seems odd than only Sophia recognized the CheeseMan when all four women saw him on TV multiple times in the episode "Miles to Go"

  • When Sophia loses her glasses she starts wearing a prescription pair of Sal's sunglasses. In the flashbacks featuring her husband Salvadore, he never wore glasses.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Older and Wiser

  • Rose said she once reached inside a chicken to aid with a breech birth. However, this is impossible seeing as chickens don't give birth to live young, they lay eggs!

  • Season 6 Episode 17: There Goes the Bride (2)

  • Where are Michael and Kate, Stan and Dorothy's children in this episode? There isn't even a mention of them anywhere.

  • Rose claims she was married outdoors in this episode, but in another episode, she claims she was married in a church. She also mentions that there were white balloons in the church, which were on the ceiling, further showing that she was married indoors.

  • Meg Wyllie (Myra) appears in a later episode as the mother of a television personality that Blanche dates.

  • Although the girls are upset that Dorothy will be moving out, they seem to be taking it much easier than they would in the eventual series finale.

  • Season 6 Episode 16: There Goes the Bride (1)

  • If we are to believe Season 3's story of when Stan proposed the first time (he hid the ring in Dorothy's champagne), then this is the second time where Stan has proposed using food or drink (he put the ring in a potato this time).

  • NBC aired the previous episode, "Miles to Go" and this two-parter out of order. Which explains Rose mentioning Miles in part one.

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