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  • Season 1 Episode 15: In a Bed of Rose's

  • Rose mentions that she hasn't been on a date in 3 months, not since Al died, and she's worried about going out with Arnie because she'll want to sleep with him. Therefore, towards the end of the episode, 3 months passes in a matter of moments.

  • Season 1 Episode 16: The Truth Will Out (a.k.a...

  • In this episode Kirsten is delighted and charmed by the ladies and that her mother is living with them. However, in "Home Again, Rose" Kirsten is snarky and resentful that her mother lives with the ladies and goes to certain measures to keep them away from Rose in her time of need. This is not who Kirsten is set up to be here.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Nice and Easy

  • The earrings Lucy is wearing when she returns home from her interview belong to Blanch. We have seen her wear them in several episodes.

  • "Oh, Lord, it's terrible" is how Rose comes off when it comes to Lucy sleeping with a random guy on a first date, but Rose already did something similar in "Rose the Prude" when on a second or third date she did the same thing with Arnie on the boat. There's not much difference between a first and second date.

  • Blanche tells her niece that whenever she dates a guy, it's because she likes him, not because she wants him to like her. However, that's not true. In the Season 1 episode Blanche and the Younger Man, Blanche really went out of her way to impress a gentleman half her age, and she seemed most interested in making herself the type of woman he'd want to date.

  • It is revealed in this episode that Rose is a devoted Miami Vice fan.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: The Operation

  • As Blanche and Rose conclude their first dance in the living room and they are standing, waiting for the audience to stop applauding, you can see a microphone over Sophia's head as she enters from the kitchen.

  • It seems in this episode Blanche reveals a secret about how she was afraid of dancing in a recital as a child and she was "standing in a puddle" and therefore wants to back out of the dance recital... but in other episodes she seems more than agressive in persuing actor/dancing roles ... The Sound of Music, MacBeth, Henny Penny to name a few.

  • In this episode, Blanche shares her fear of flying, but in "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself", it's Dorothy who is scared of flying and Blanche is afraid of bald men. Dorothy's hospital fear and Blanche's fear of performing is never mentioned again.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Second Motherhood

  • Blanche says her boyfriend flew her to Atlanta in his private jet for dinner. However, in "The Operation" Blanche tells of how she has a fear of flying that she never got over.

  • Blanche say she can't raise these children, but in "Bringing Up Baby" she says as long as the other girls clean up after the baby pees, she'd love to be a mother again.

  • Alan Blumenfeld plays the plumber Lou, in this episode and returns to The Golden Girls the next season to play Mr. Ha Ha in the episode entitled "A Piece of Cake" (2-25).

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Adult Education

  • The start of this episode has many inconsistencies in the first two minutes.  When Dorothy is on the phone trying to get Sinatra tickets she said Stan got her tickets for her birthday, but then asked her for a divorce.  In the other episodes from Season 1 (and beyond) she says Stan left her after 38 years of marriage (and didn't ask for a divorce, just had his lawyer call).

    The first problem is she says Stan got the tickets, she got the house an kids.  Her kids are 25-30 at this point, so she wouldn't have "gotten the kids" because Stan just left her within the last couple years as noted in the episode "Stan's Return" also from Season 1.

    Also, if Dorothy got the house why did she have to move in with Blanche at the start of the series?

  • When Blanche goes in to talk with Dean Cooper, they shake hands and introduce each other before sitting down. At that point, Blanche says she has something important to discuss with him, and he asks if it can wait until the following week, when he's less busy. If he wasn't able to speak with her then, why would he have invited her to sit down and talk?

  • Goof: Near the end of the episode, Blanche says, "Dean Tucker was no help whatever." I think that "whatsoever" was the word she meant to say.

  • In another episode, Family Affair, Blanche explains she was thrown out of college after she was caught in bed with a man during bed check.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Flu Attack (a.k.a.) The Flu

  • Tony Carreiro who plays Tommy Cochrane, the waiter that Blanche tries to pawn off as her date in this episode, previously played a waiter earlier in the season in the episode entitled "A Little Romance" (1-13). He returns once more in season 5, episode 19 entitled "72 Hours" to play Rose's doctor. Most may know him best from his role as Joe, Daphne's love interest on "Frasier".

  • Bea claims in her Season Five commentary on Clinton Avenue Memoirs that this episode was one of the few times where she couldn't keep herself from laughing and had to tell the cameramen to put the camera somewhere else so they wouldn't catch her laughing.

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Job Hunting

  • Continuity error: Dorothy reveals here that she first had sex with Stan after he claimed he was being shipped to Korea for the war. That war lasted 1950-1953, thus placing their first sexual encounter somewhere in that range. However, the series began in 1985 with Dorothy having been divorced for two years after 38 years of marriage. She married Stan after becoming pregnant. This means that she would have already had sex with Stan, become pregnant, and got married no later than 1945.

  • Blanche says she lost it with some guy whose name escapes her but apparently the name starts with a 'B,' and the night began under a dogwood tree. However, at some point in either season six or seven, Blanche says she lost it in a bayou.

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