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  • Season 6 Episode 16: There Goes the Bride (1)

  • Sophia said six years ago, Stan left "them", meaning he left Dorothy after the 38 years of marriage. But if that were so, they would've been married in 1947. They got married in 1949 when Dorothy was 17.

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Miles to Go

  • In this episode, "Miles" is actually revealed to be "Nicolas Carbone", and "Miles Webber" is actually his name in the Witness Protection Program. However, in other episodes after this one, he is still referred to as "Miles".

  • Rose tells a story about a friend of hers who adopted what she thought was a chihuahua dog, but later found out was a rat. This is exactly like the urban legend of the Mexican Pet.

  • Season 6 Episode 13: The Bloom is Off the Rose

  • Rex comes over to pick up some laundry that Blanche did for him. However, he remarks that it's too late to go out, which begs the question, why did Rex come all the way over to her house solely to pick up what appears to be two pairs of underwear and a couple of shirts (that look way too small for him anyway)?

  • In the very first scene of the episode, the laundry in Blanche's basket keeps changing, both in content and the fact that suddenly, it is folded.

  • In Season One Rose's character is so proper, it pains her to even mention someone having to burp, and now she has no problem describing what kind of sex she has and how long it lasts. Rose said early on in the show how prim and proper she was raised. Apparently the bloom is off that rose, too.

  • Season 6 Episode 12: Ebbtide's Revenge

  • While Sophia has shown emotion in other episodes this is really the only time she cries. She showed emotion in "Sick and Tired" and came close to tears in "Not Another Monday" both from season 5.

  • Goof: When Dorothy is asking Rose if she has ever had to give a eulogy, she is forgetting that Rose did give a eulogy for her aunt in the season 3 episode "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself".  While Rose didn't give the eulogy at the official funeral, she still gave the eulogy on the plane.

  • Goof:Angela (Phil's wife) and Sophia cannot stand each other and apparently haven't since Phil married Angela. Even though in "A Little Romance" Sophia comes to Angela and Phil's house to stay with them. Also, in this same episode, Sophia says "Phil's wife has her good points. She is sweet, she's reliable..."

  • Goof:In this episode, Angela, Phil's wife, says that Sophia hated her so much that she never set foot in her house. However, in "A Little Romance", Sophia goes to Phil and Angela's house to watch her grandson's graduation.

  • Goof:In "A Little Romance", it is mentioned that Phil has 10 children...where are they in this episode? Wouldn't the children come to their father's funeral?

  • In the opening scene, Dorothy asks Rose to help her with her pearls. Dorothy's pearls are long enough that she could have just put them on over her head.

  • Season 6 Episode 11: Stand By Your Man

  • Sophia would once again do her southern routine in the series finale when she comes into the living room to talk about what's for dinner.

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Mrs. George Devereaux

  • Even though this episode is a dream, how come the women ask Blanche who this man is?  Obviously after over six years together, they would have seen pictures of George and know what he looks like.

  • This might be considered a nitpick: How come Blanche doesn't confront her husband George about cheating on her? (In the episode "An Illegitimate Concern", you discover that George had an affair resulting in a son named David.)

  • Season 6 Episode 8: How Do You Solve a Proble...

  • While we already know this, it's worth noting that in this episode, Sophia has yet another best friend -- Sister Agnes.

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Zborn Again

  • Goof (Continuity): In this episode, it is implied that Dorothy got pregnant in a Studebaker (Sophia says, "Don't forget the accident you had in that car...calls me grandma."), but in "Mary Has a Little Lamb", Dorothy says it was a Nash.

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Feelings

  • When Rose is confronting Dr. Norgan, she has a dental bib on when she first sits down in the dentist's chair.  However, after Dr. Norgan denies touching Rose, she puts the cotton back in her mouth but pulls the bib off, and even pushes it farther down in her lap a second time, presumably to set up for the very next scene where Dr. Norgan shines a light on her breasts and says "Wow, wow, wow, wow."  If Rose had left the bib in place, he wouldn't have been able to see her breasts, in effect making the joke useless.

  • Rose says a doctor once did plastic surgery on her mother, obviously adopted mother Alma Lindstrom, but that her mother went into delibrately to come out looking like Raymond Massey. Well, we met Alma in season one. Is that what Raymond Massey looks like?

  • This episode is totally unbelievable. Although stated that Dorothy is in for the full semester, how likely is it that all this subterfuge would occur. The coach comes over and tries to bribe her with a date. Then a priest from the school comes and tells her off. What kind of school is this? Shouldn't the school board respect her decision instead of having a parade of school employees come in and give diatribes as to why the teacher is wrong?

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