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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Job Hunting

  • Blanche says she lost it with some guy whose name escapes her but apparently the name starts with a 'B,' and the night began under a dogwood tree. However, at some point in either season six or seven, Blanche says she lost it in a bayou.

  • By episode's end, Rose reveals she is now a waitress at the Fountain Rock Coffee Shop. However, the next time her job is brought to light, she is once again a grief counselor.

  • Rose states that her first night with Charlie was the first time she had ever "seen" a man. However, in season seven, when Blanche asks Rose how many men she'd brought to "climax" without having gone "all the way," Rose says that in one year she had fifty-six boyfriends.

  • This is one of the few episodes in which the kitchen table doesn't have a tablecloth draped on it.

  • This is the first episode to feature the girls eating cheesecake at the kitchen table, which becomes a regular occurrence on the series.

  • Although this episode was aired later in the season, you can totally tell it was one of the very first episodes filmed, and they just saved it for later. The girls look very young, especially Sophia, whose physical appearance changed a lot over the course of the season. They all look much different than they did in the previously aired episode.

  • The issue of Blanche's financial status is always ambiguous. Here she talks about "marrying money;" however, later on in the series she talks about George dying and leaving her with no money and "just a closet full of suits that you spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of."

  • Dorothy says that she went to the drive-in with Stanley, and that it took "Three seconds," and that her marrying him was her part of the "War effort." However, in other episodes, Dorothy is depicted as having to marry Stanley.

    Response: She said that having sex with him was her part of the war effort, not marrying him.

  • Continuity Error: In this episode Rose's resume lists her as attending Rockport Community College, but in Season Four it's stated that she never even graduated high school.

  • In this episode, the girls comfort Rose in her bedroom - which is huge! Although it was acknowledged that Rose had a large room (she and Dorothy flipped a coin for the room in a flash-back episode, The Way We Met telling of when they first all moved in together) Rose's room is considerably larger than Blanche's and appears to have it's own bathroom. In a later episode, Second Motherhood, Dorothy and Rose work together to repair the toilet in the bathroom that they and Sophia share and isn't attached to anyone's bedroom. Also, doesn't it seem strange, given that Blanche is so self-centered, for Rose to have the largest bedroom?

  • Rose is worried that she is unemployed and won't have any money coming in. Well, she seems to have forgotten the fact that she still receives a pension from the employer of her dead husband, Charlie, as revealed on a much later episode in season 5, episode 106, "Rose Fights Back".

  • In this episode the grief center closes down and at the end Rose gets a job as a waitress. You never hear about the waitress job again and in later episodes Rose is again working at a grief center.

  • Rose says it's been five years since Charlie died, but in the pilot, it was fifteen.

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Blind Ambitions

  • In the opening scene Rose mistakenly calls her home town St. Olafs (plural) instead of simply St. Olaf.

  • This is one of many errors the show makes. Rose tells the girls that she lived in an orphanage until she was 8, at which point she was adopted by the Lindstroms. Yet, in this episode, Lily reminds Rose of something that had occurred while Rose was 6.

  • Time Index 7:00 and during the entire scene. When Lily is cooking and it catches fire, you can clearly see there is no heat lighting the electric burners.

  • Polly Holliday is better known for her role as Flo on the 1970's sitcom Alice and its spin-off, Flo.

  • At the end of the episode in the airport, the flight attendant is thanking passengers for flying Air Florida. This isn't possible as Air Florida folded in 1984, almost 2 years before this episode was first aired.

  • In the beginning of the episode when Dorothy is grilling steaks, why is there not even a hint of smoke?

  • Season 1 Episode 24: Big Daddy

  • In this episode Big Daddy says life is too short not to forgive his favorite little girl.  However, in "Transplant", Blanche remembers how much her parents favored Virginia the most and how she was so very neglected.  Quite a change.

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