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  • Season 6 Episode 5: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy

  • When Blanche learns about Big Daddy's infidelity with Mammy Watkins, she is stunned and devastated that he would cheat on her mother. However, she seems to be forgetting that in season four she stated that Big Daddy once slept with a girl who Blanche ended a friendship with, that her mother came to accept, along with a new car.

  • Blanche and Big Daddy danced to "Tennessee Waltz" at her wedding.

  • In this episode, Mammy tells Blanche that she saw her wear a white dress at her wedding. In a different episode, Blanche celebrates her anniversary by slipping into her wedding dress, which happens to be red. Blanche's explanation is that even she couldn't keep a straight face in a white dress.

  • Season 6 Episode 3: If At Last You Do Succeed...

  • Rose said that St. Olaf license plates don't say "Big Statue Country" for nothing. However, St. Olaf wouldn't have its own license plate, it would have to use the Minnesota state license plate.

  • Isn't it so convenient that Yutz Hernzberg, the man who married Old Space Needle has the same nickname Sophia gives to Stan? This couple also must have known Stan and Dorothy intimately as well because they, too, were conveniently married for 38 years.

    Response: I thought the entire story was made up to prove a point, and she used the same information to do that.

  • Stan makes a deal of needing Dorothy's help to tie his tie, but in close ups you can see he is wearing a clip-on.

  • Blanche mentions a T-shirt with "I lost my ... in Vegas." On Lifetime, the soundtrack is muted during the missing word and even the closed captioning doesn't show what Blanche said. However, on the DVD, presents the line intact, "I lost my ass in Vegas."

  • When Dorothy and Stan were talking, Dorothy said that Stan would need to fasten her pearls. But when they came back home, Dorothy wasn't wearing any pearls.

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Once, in St. Olaf

  • In another episode Rose admits she was adopted and that she spent the first eight years of her life in an orphanage... in this episode she says she was left on a doorstep and was taken in by her parents at birth.

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Blanche Delivers

  • Continuity: In this episode, Sophia says she was too poor to give birth to Dorothy in the hospital, but the season 4 finale has people claiming that their daughter and Dorothy were switched at birth in the hospital.

  • Season 5 Episode 25: The President's Coming! T...

  • Viewed by 24.1 million people, and ranked #13 for the week.

  • Season 5 Episode 24: All Bets Are Off

  • A series low, the episode attracted 22.4 million people, and ranked #17 for the week.

  • This is the final episode that Terry Hughes, known as "the fifth golden girl," would direct. Lex Passaris would direct the majority of the show's final two seasons, with some help from Matthew Diamond and Peter D. Beyt.

  • At the end of this show, Rose hopes that Dorothy is finally cured of her gambling problem. Dorothy mentions that you are never really cured. But Rose said the same thing when she came back from rehab with a drug problem. Wouldn't she more or less know what Dorothy is going through?

  • When Sophia is going over Dorothy's resume, she suggests she put down anthropological research starting in 1946, which meant her marriage to Stan. But, Dorothy and Stan got married in 1949 when she was 17.

  • Dorothy's uncharacteristic gambling problem surfaces again and it is mentioned how she almost lost everything when she and Stan were married, but on "The Audit", Dorothy explains how careful she had always been with her money and it's made quite clear that Stan was the irresponsible one.

  • Interesting how much Sophia abhors gambling in this episode and yet in other episodes Sophia is involved in countless get rich quick schemes - kid Pepe, the sandwich business with Rose, the pizza stand with Max, renting out the house to borders, etc.

    To add: Not to mention, Sophia openly visits the dog track in several episodes, and gambles with Rose's mother through the entire episode.

  • Season 5 Episode 23: The Mangiacavallo Curse M...

  • Viewed by 30 million people, and ranked #5 for the week.

  • During the course of the series, Blanche is depicted as able to attract strong, virile, youthful men, and yet in this episode, and many others the men we see Blanche with are what most viewers wouldn't consider physically attractive for men that age. Are we supposed to believe that Blanche, as superficial and shallow as she is, would be with a man as overweight as Doug?

  • In another episode, Sophia referred to her list of things to do before she died and she said she had to make amends with Guido Spirelli who she ran out on when she was supposed to marry him in an arranged marriage. Then there was another episode when Dorothy was making the family history and found out Sophia was married before her father Sal and had the marriage annulled because she didn't want an arranged marriage.

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