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  • Season 1 Episode 24: Big Daddy

  • Blanche seems to love Big Daddy very much, while mourning how hard it was for him when they both lost her mother. However, in Season Four, Blanche holds nothing back, calling her family "trash."

  • Big Daddy sells the plantation (Hollingsworth Manor) in this episode, however, in the finale episode, One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest part(1) & part 2, Blanche talks about Dorothy moving into Hollingsworth Manor when she marries Blanche's uncle, Lucas.

    Lucas could have bought the plantation from Big Daddy or after his death, or there could be 2 Hollingsworth Manor

  • Big Daddy and Blanche refer to their plantation as Twin Oaks in this episode; in later ones, it's always referred to as simply Hollingsworth Manor.

  • Season 1 Episode 25: The Way We Met

  • Sophia comes in and scares the dickens out of the girls by yielding a giant knife. How did she get this knife? The episode starts with Rose entering the dark kitchen and no one being awake. Did Sophia somehow anticipate they'd be up all night, run into the kitchen beforehand to grab a weapon and plan her surprise?

  • In this episode Rose is overly honest, and is proud of it, but in the season four premiere, Rose is excited about cheating a restaurant out of a cake.

  • The series flashbacks to when Dorothy came to look at the house with Sophia. However, Sophia looks nothing like she did in the Pilot.

  • We learn in this episode that Blanche had two roommates prior to Rose and Dorothy. Blanche's former roommates she described as two old ladies and "sticks-in-the-mud" whom she eventually kicked out.

  • When the girls are getting their groceries rang up at the market, the cashier rings up the same bottle of Windex twice before Rose tells her she put in the wrong price.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: End of the Curse

  • In this episode Dorothy said that she always wanted a mink coat. But in the episode "Break-In" she was given a mink stole by her ex-husband Stan.

  • This is the final episode Susan Harris would write until the season five premiere in which Dorothy suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is also the only time she is credited with her married name -- Witt.

  • Philip Sterling plays the psychiatrist Dr. Barensfeld in this episode and returns to The Golden Girls in season three to play a psychiatrist yet again, in the episode entitled "Three on a Couch". You may note that his name has changed to Dr. Ashley and there is no reference to Blanche having seen him once before. Many might recognize him from playing a judge on two shows: L.A. Law as well as Sisters.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Take Him, He's Mine

  • In another one of her "Get Rich Quick" schemes, Sophia and Rose sell Bacon, Lettuce and Potato sandwiches, saying it quickly in hopes that no one notices the potato instead of tomato.

  • During the scene where Sophia and Rose are sitting at the kitchen table, the cash box switches from being opened to being closed between shots.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Isn't It Romantic

  • Dorothy and Jean went to college together. This does not make a lot of sense based on stories of Dorothy's younger life starting in the pilot, where she rehashes becoming pregnant at 17-18. While she eventually returned to college it was likely part time while juggling motherhood. Jean on the other hand came from the farm and likely lived in the school's dormitory.

  • What happened to the large chest/shelf Dorothy has in her bedroom that can be seen in "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?" In this episode it's just a bare wall to the right of her window.

  • Blanche, upon learning what a lesbian is, says she's never known any personally. Well, according to the story she regaled Dorothy with in season one, she commented how her finishing school teacher Ms. McGvyer and Ms. McGee were shacking up in a one bedroom apartment off campus. Obviously Blanche knows what a lesbian is.

  • When Dorothy tries to turn off the dirty movie, she accidentally presses fast-forward and the sound can be heard to be going much faster. However, most VHS players don't play the sound when they are fast-forwarding.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Big Daddy's Little Lady

  • Blanche accuses Big Daddy's new love interest as being a "gold digger." However, a few episodes earlier in Season One's "Big Daddy," Blanche is devastated to learn that her father has sold the family plantation and used up all his savings to start his lifetime dream of going into show business.

  • Notice when Dorothy and Rose write and sing the lyrics "M-I-A-M-I spells Miami Beach." Blanche informs them that M-I-A-M-I spells Miami Beach, not Miami, and Dorothy objects that there's absolutely nothing that rhymes with Miami, so they needed to add "beach." But you'll notice that the rest of the song never, ever uses a rhyming word for "beach," either, so they could have easily omitted that word without hurting the lyrics.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Family Affair

  • Goof: (Continuity) It is well established that Dorothy and Stan were married for 38 years before their divorce and not only that, but they got married because she was pregnant. However, in this episode, we meet Dorothy and Stan's son, Michael (we met their daughter Kate, in the second episode of the first season). He is the older of the two, but looks no older than late 20s, not late 30s or early 40s. This doesn't make sense.

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