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  • Season 5 Episode 23: The Mangiacavallo Curse M...

  • And in another episode she says that her and Sal also had an arranged marriage... she has to stand on a rock or she would have ended up with someone else.

  • In this episode, Sophia explains she put a curse on the man who stood her up at the alter. But there have been several different episodes, where she discusses several different men who were supposed to have been her first husband by an arranged marriage. How many arranged marriages could she have before she married Sal?

  • Season 5 Episode 22: Cheaters

  • In this episode, when Blanche and Sophia are at the mall, it is the same mall for the Tv series, "Roseanne." In season one episode 16, Becky wanted to purchase a dress from a store called "The Ultimate." When Blanche and Sophia decide that they will withdraw $1,000 each to put down, as the camera zooms out you can see that the store they're walking away from is called "The Ultimate." The font of the store name and layout, are exactly the same in Roseanne.

  • Viewed by 30.3 million people, and ranked #7 for the week.

  • When Dorothy reveals to Blanche and Rose that Glen proposed, Blanche and Rose encourage her. Rose even goes so far and says "Do it!" However, in the Pilot Rose cautions Blanche about marrying a man she hardly knows. Why now, would Rose encourage Dorothy to marry a man, who, A) when he first appeared, Rose told her to stay away from, and B) she hardly knows.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Sisters and Other Strangers

  • Viewed by 31 million people, and ranked #8 for the week.

  • Rose says after graduation she went to St. Gustaf. However, in Season Four Rose says that to get to from St. Gustaf to St. Olaf you have to take a plane and then land transportation. If Rose was standing outside in the middle of the night in St. Gustaf, with the rain pouring down, with St. Olaf a two-day train ride away, how did she get home, and where did she spend the night? On the street?

  • According to the layout of the house, Blanche's room is the one at the end of the hallway. However, in this episode and many others, when the girls are in Blanche's room and the door is wide open, you can clearly see that to the right is the door that supposedly leads to Blanche's room.

  • Barbara Babcock is best known for her roles as Grace Gardiner on Hill Street Blues and as Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: Twice in a Lifetime

  • Viewed by 32.1 million people, and ranked #5 for the week.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: 72 Hours

  • In this episode, Dorothy asks Sophia why she had been in her bathroom and Sophia replies the reason she was is because Rose had used her restroom. In other episodes, Blanche has her own bathroom as well (Which makes sense because it is Blanche's house).  However, It is hard to believe that there would be that many bathrooms in the house, let alone in 3 out of the four bedrooms. If anything, Rose is the one that should have her own bathroom because in the episodes where her bedroom is shown, it appears to be the largest out of them all.

  • Tony Carreiro who plays Rose's doctor in this episode has appeared twice before on The Golden Girls. First in two first season episodes, "A Little Romance" playing a waiter, then again in the episode entitled "Flu Attack" playing a waiter. Most may know him best from his role as Joe, Daphne's love interest on Frasier.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: An Illegitimate Concern

  • In this episode Sophia hates Gladys Goldfiend, and can't wait to stick it to her by beating her in the beauty pageant, but next season, in "Miles To Go", they're great friends, and are going to see Tony Bennett together.

  • In a previous interview, Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy) claimed that this episode was one of her all-time favorites, specifically the scene where she and Sophia dress up as Sonny and Cher. "I wept because it was so clever," Arthur has said of the storyline idea.

  • Viewed by 31.3 million people, and ranked #8 for the week.

  • Right before Dorothy comes into the room dressed as Cher, the piano player (Betty White does not play the piano) plays a wrong chord.

  • RESPONSE TO BELOW: Dorothy says the last time Sophia told her she was beautiful was June 1, 1949. If that were true that means that June 1, 1987 would have marked Dorothy and Stan's 38th wedding anniversary. However, at the start of the show (1985) they had already been divorced for 2 years, since (1983). This is another error.

  • Dorothy says she was married on June 1, 1949. If this is true when the show started in 1985 Dorothy and Stan would have been married 36 years but they had already been divorced for 2 years after 38 years of marriage.

  • In this episode Dorothy says the last time Sophia told her she was beautiful was on her wedding day June 1, 1949. In episode 68 Uncle Angelo (who was there to wish Dorothy and Stan a happy 40th wedding anniversary) says that they were married on the 25th.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Like the Beep Beep Beep o...

  • A special Monday airing, gathered 28.2 million people, and ranked #12 for the week.

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