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  • Season 2 Episode 8: Vacation

  • Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose along with their three male counterparts are supposedly involved in a storm and a shipwreck. Yet when they finally run onto the island, their hair and clothes are completely dry, with the exception of Dorothy's pants.

  • In a future episode we find out that Dorothy has a serious fear of flying. However, she has no problem in taking a flight in this episode.

  • Tom Villard who plays Rick in this episode returns in a seventh season episode entitled Rose: Portrait of a Woman playing Dorothy's ex-student who offers her a job.
    Many may know him from 1991 movie My Girl starring Macaulay Culkinin as the hippie student in Vada's writing class.
    Sadly, Mr. Villard passed away from AIDS related pneumonia in 1994.

  • In this episode while stranded on the beach we find out Rose had a nose job...but in a later episode when Blanche is thinking of having plastic surgery Rose says she doesn't believe in plastic surgery and that she would be too scared to ever have any done

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Joust Between Friends

  • Blanche reveals how hurt she is that Dorothy came in and learned her job in less than a week. Well, first off, we don't see Blanche doing very much other than watering a plant and accusing Dorothy of molestation. Not only that, in season five Blanche talks about how she only works 12 hours a week directing people to the cafeteria.

  • Sophia tells Mr. Allan, whom she believes, is making lewd advances towards her, that she was married for 45 years. However, in season three, Sophia says she was married for 50 years.

  • The lunch sack that Dorothy is packing in the kitchen for work, disappears and reappears during takes.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Love, Rose

  • This seems to go against Rose's character. In season one Rose doesn't want to buy Blanche's car because it says "available", and it doesn't seem like Rose would place an ad like this, because essentially, putting an ad in a personal's column is basically telling guys you are available.

  • Rose references a cousin Arnold in this episode who evidently lives locally in Miami, but who is never seen nor heard from in any other epsiodes.

  • Season 2 Episode 11: 'Twas the Nightmare Befor...

  • Blanche enters the house with her Santa Claus and within seconds exits to her bedroom.  Moments later, Dorothy and Rose enter with bags.  With such short time in between, how would Rose and Dorothy not have run into Blanche when they were pulling into the garage.

  • In the final shot of the episode, where the girls are standing by the door, Blanche goes and grabs Sophia's shoulder, and in return, Sophia puts her hand on Blanche's hand. However, in the next shot, which is where we see the girls from outside the door, Sophia's hand is now on Dorothy's hand, which is on Sophia's shoulder.

  • The end of the final scene where it allegedly begins to SNOW in Miami. There has only ever been ONE report of a snow flurry in Miami (1977) and even that claim is suspect.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Sisters

  • When Angela first arrives through the door with only her purse, Blanche offers to bring in her luggage. Angela claims she never travels with luggage ever since she found a dead man in her suitcase. However, throughout the episode she is seen wearing 3 different outfits. A white one when she arrived, a red one at Sophia's party, and a blue one as she is departing. This doesn't make sense. Even if she had bought them during her visit, which isn't likely, when she is seen getting ready to leave she is still only carrying her purse. What about her other two outfits?

  • If Angela and Sophia really do hate each other that much, why would Angela agree to come all the way from Italy to Sophia's birthday party in Miami?

  • While Rose tries to get Sophia out of the house via the back door, Angela appears at the front door. First off, since we've seen on several occasions a car pulling into the front of the house in exterior shots, and since the garage being in the back of the house, obviously doesn't hold a car, why is Rose ushering Sophia out the back only to bring her back around to the front of the house?

  • As close as Dorothy and Sophia have always been, I've always wondered why Dorothy never knew that the two sisters hated each other.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: The Stan Who Came to Dinner

  • Stan is staying with Dorothy while recovering from a major heart surgery. However, during the scene where he is wearing Dorothy's nightgown and eating cheesecake with the girls, his chest is exposed and there is no scar. Heart surgery like the one Stan underwent would leave a very big scar down the middle of his chest. In addition, someone who had heart surgery is supposed to be careful about what they eat, he certainly should not be indulging in cheesecake.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: The Actor

  • Rose calls Patrick "pafluganockin" when she finds out he's been dating Dorothy too. When they ask her what she said, the second time she calls him "scarfluganockin."

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Before and After

  • While Dorothy and Blanche are in the waiting room, the doctor comes out and asks them if they were the ones that came in with Rose. When Dorothy and Blanche stand up to talk to the doctor, you can see that Dorothy isn't wearing any shoes.

  • In this episode, Rose quite conveniently packs up her life and moves into a new apartment. What about all her things? Apparently she left a bunch of stuff back at the house, because in the seventh season premiere Rose has hoards of stuff that she has to put in storage.

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