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  • Season 5 Episode 16: Clinton Avenue Memoirs

  • Viewed by 32.4 million people, and ranked #4 for the week.

  • According to her DVD audio commentary on this episode, Bea Arthur said she came up with the idea to clamp her hand over Sophia's mouth when the Puerto Rican man answered the door. Arthur claims that it was almost completely automatic when she did this while filming, because the interplay between her and Estelle Getty had grown so comfortable.

  • In this episode Dorothy and Sophia enter Sophia's Brooklyn apartment and the front door is on the right side of the room. They cross over to the left side of the room and enter the kitchen. In previous episodes, the front door to the apartment was on the left side of the apartment and on the back wall near the stairs and the kitchen was through the door on the right side of the room that Dorothy and Sophia enter through. The layout of the apartment in this episode is also used in the 7th season episode, Dateline: Miami when Sophia tells Rose and Blanche the story of finding out Dorothy was pregnant by Stan.

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Triple Play

  • Not only are we led to believe that Arnie (Season 1) and Miles (subsequent seasons) are different people, but Caroline says that it has only been a year since her mother died.  So when Rose went away on a cruise with "Arnie" in Season 1, his wife would have still been alive (4 seasons of the show had passed) so Rose would have been the other woman at that point.

  • How is it that Miles' daughter can visit and talk about her late mother when in a later episode it's revealed that Miles is in the witness protection program, and is supposed to cut off contact with his family?

  • Viewed by 33 million people, and ranked #7 for the week.

  • In the scene in which the girls are sitting down to dinner at the table and Sophia is at the stove, Dorothy picks up and unfolds her napkin and places it on her lap twice.

  • Season 5 Episode 14: Great Expectations

  • The sign in the Motor Lodge directing people towards Rose's optimism group says "Create Your Own Happiness" however when Mary Ellen walks in she welcomes everybody to the "Create Your Own Miracles" group.

  • Viewed by 32.2 million people and ranked #6 for the week.

  • When Rose is telling Dorothy the story of St. Olaf's greatest explorer, she first calls him Hans Glookenflonken. Then, Hans Glookensplonkin, and then finally, she refers to him as Wrong Way Gaflookenflonken.

  • Blanche breaks up a marriage when she mistakes the guy in the next bed for Steven, outraging this man's wife.  With all the commotion going on, and Steven only feet away, why wouldn't he have settled everything before this woman just explodes and says she wants a divorce?

  • Sophia has said that Dorothy got pregnant when she was 17. However earlier this season, in "Dancing in the Dark" Sophia says 20. Then, eight episodes later, in "Great Expectations" she says 19. This is two different ages in one season.

  • Season 5 Episode 13: Mary Has a Little Lamb

  • Viewed by 34.8 million people, and ranked #4 for the week.

  • Mary mentions staying with the girls while her mother was dying. Yet no previous episode even mentions this situation!

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Have Yourself a Very Litt...

  • Viewed by 31.2 million people, and ranked #4 for the week.

  • In the opening scene, Stan's gift to Dorothy goes from sitting on the corner of the coffee table in one shot to disappearing altogether in the next shot, even though none of the girls go near it.

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Ebb Tide

  • When Blanche and Dorothy return from Atlanta, Rose gives Blanche her Citrus Festival plate claiming that she and Sophia had taken good care of it for her. When Blanche drops the plate on the ground and the plate shatters, the camera goes to Sophia who has a shocked expression on her face. However, when the camera goes back to Blanche and the shattered plate, the pieces of the plate, the sizes of the shattered pieces, and its place on the ground are different from the first shot where she dropped it. Meaning that they linked two different takes together.

  • Viewed by 31.4 million people, and ranked #6 for the week.

  • Big Daddy has just died, and yet there is no mention or sight of his second wife, Margaret, who he married in season two.  Not to mention, his two other children, Clayton and Charmaine are nowhere to be seen or heard of.

  • In this episode, you see Blanche back at her childhood home but Big Daddy sold it in the first season episode, "Big Daddy".

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