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  • Season 2 Episode 16: And Then There Was One

  • There are a few close-up shots of baby Emily from her bassinet, and from there, it is clear that they used a real baby. Every other time, though, when one of the girls is holding the baby, you can totally tell it's fake. They obviously wrapped a doll or something in the pink blanket, because there was no movement coming from the blanket, and the girls sometimes handled it a little too roughly to pass it off as realistic.

  • Sophia tells the girls that she had several calls from well-wishers the night she came home from her walkathon. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose obviously weren't aware that so many calls were coming in at that time. The thing is, they were obviously waiting all night to hear from baby Emily's parents, so if the phone was ringing that much throughout the night, wouldn't they have heard it and wondered if one of the callers was Emily's parents?

  • When Emily's father finally showed up the morning after the walkathon, he claimed that he called the girls the night before and spoke with Sophia to tell them why he couldn't pick Emily up. There are several things wrong with this. First of all, Sophia went to bed almost immediately after she got home, so she couldn't have been taking any calls if she was asleep. Secondly, even if Emily's father did call then, it was well after dark by the time Sophia got home, and he should have telephoned them long before that point. Also, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche were waiting by the phone all night to hear from either Emily's parents or Child Services, so it's very unlikely that the man's phone call would have gone unnoticed by them. Even when Rose and Dorothy left to go to the convenience store, Blanche stayed home with the baby.

  • In the scene where the bratty little boy Norman smashes everyone's clay creation, look closely at the little girl in pink. After Rose smashes Norman's clay formation to get even with him, she stands up, and you can see that the little girl's clay is completely back intact.

  • In this episode the girls are babysitting what looks like a very young infant ( less than 6 months old). When the father comes to pick up Emily, he says that he called and told Sophia that he couldn't make it because his wife had given birth to triplets. How could they have a baby less than 6 months old and be giving birth to triplets already?

    Reply: The parents may have adopted Emily right after her birth, and discovered shortly thereafter that they were pregnant. It happens.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Bedtime Story

  • We notice that in the flashback where the girls all get into Sophia's bed because it's so cold, they get into bed in the same order that they eventually pass away.

  • In one flashback scene the ladies are coming back from Edna McCarthy's funeral. Blanche said earlier in the season in "It's a Miserable Life" that she's only been to three funerals. This has to be one of them. Another being George, and one unknown. However, in Season Five when she gets her pacemaker, Blanche says she has never been to a funeral, and never intends to go to one.

  • When Blanche enters Sophia's room and asks if she can sleep with them because her bed has never been so cold, she mentions that it is a Saturday night. However, after all four are in bed together, Dorothy tells them to quiet down because she has to go to work early in the morning. As a teacher, school's are closed on Sunday, and there is no mention of her holding any other part-time job.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Forgive Me, Father

  • When the girls are in the kitchen setting the table for dinner, on the table you see Dorothy and Blanche putting out plates, silverware and even butter a few seconds later the the plates, silverware and butter are gone.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Long Days Journey into Ma...

  • Blanche says that jealousy drives a wedge between sisters, and that her sisters didn't like her because she was a devastatingly beautiful child. However, in season five's "Ebb Tide" Blanche was a fat child before she became a stunning beauty.

  • It seems very unlikely that Angela would fly thousands of miles to another country, show up on her sister's doorstep, and then within an hour of being there, decide to pack up her life and move back to the states. Not to mention, by the end of the episode, it's not even clearly stated what Angela is going to do.

  • If Count Bessie wandered out of her cage and Rose couldn't find her, it would be pretty easy to find her, because you'd obviously hear a chicken clucking somewhere in the house (see I Love Lucy episode #172, "Lucy Does the Tango")

  • Sophia declares that her and Angela are the only ones left of the original family. Did Sophia forget about her brother Angelo who arrives on a later episode?

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Whose Face is This, Anyway?

  • First of all, there were many other episodes dealing with Blanches fading looks/feeling older.   Also, during this entire episode, Sophia uses the "Fess Parker" joke against Dorothy a whopping FIVE times.  Were the writers feeling lazy when they wrote this one?

  • When you go to a hospital you tell the admission's desk, or in some case's the security guard in the lobby who you are there to see. If Blanche checked herself out, whoever the girls checked in with would have told them Blanche was gone before they even got to her room. You're not allowed to wander the halls of a hospital ward.  Also, the name of the patient is usually on the outside of the door to their room.  They would have noticed that Blanche's name wasn't on the door.

  • When Blanche tells the girls she wants to have plastic surgery, Rose says she doesn't believe in plastic surgery and is too afraid to ever have it done. But in the Vacation episode earlier in the season when stranded on the desert island, we find out Rose has had a nose job.

  • This episode is the only time Rose going to junior college is ever mentioned. Also, in Yes, We Have No Havanas, Rose reveals she didn't graduate high school because she contracted mono and slept through her last course and the graduation. Wouldn't she have to have graduated high school first to be admitted into a junior college?

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Dorothy's Prized Pupil

  • Rose talks about Grandma Nylund's 100th birthday. First off, Nylund is her married name, and this would be Charlie's grandmother, yet this woman is depicted as some Scandinavian Viking, which would fit with who Rose's relatives are, but not Charlie's.

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Diamond in the Rough

  • In this episode, the girls meet "Jake the Caterer". Blanche becomes infatuated with him. In thier first encounter with Jake, in the living room, when Blanche takes him by the hand off the couch and asks him(while next to the front door) when she can come over and sample his selection... On the inside of the front door, at about "neck" level with the actors, you can see there looks like theres an "exclamation point" embedded into the door. At no time can you see it better than when Blanche is talking to Jake right in front of it before leaving, but it's there throughout. Not sure if it's there throughout the series, and have yet to find an explanation.

  • Continuity Error: Blanche sits down with the girls and pours herself a cup of tea, but when she stands up to leave the cup is in its original position, next to the teapot.

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