The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 11

'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1986 on NBC

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  • An appreciation review of the first of the two Christmas episodes of the series.

    This was one of the very last of the holiday episodes of any sit-com that captured the essence of classic tv. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia are getting ready to all go home for the holidays and you can practically feel their excitement; later in the episode with the crazy loon holding them at gunpoint in Rose's office the repartee between Blanche and Dorothy is some of the very best in the entire run of the series: Blanche: I have been told I bear a striking resemblance to Ms Cheryl Ladd... although, my bosoms are perkier. Dorothy: Not even if you were hanging upside down on a trapeze!!!

    Some of the best writing in television history is contained in this show and this episode is chock-full of highlights: ('The Men of Blanche's boudois' calendar, etc.); that's what I love so much about the show (Dorothy always had the very best lines, she was certianly my favorite). The holidays are definitely a little brighter with this episode now available on DVD for all of us to enjoy each year... whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah or Kwanzaa, this is one for all to appreciate. Happy Holidays from Florida and the Girls from Miami!!!
  • Twas the night before Christmas

    Dorthy begin to comment how expensive the store items are and that they should give an gift to one person.But also they are afriad that one of them would get Rose's gift.So in the end Rose has to buy an gift for Blanche.Which wasn't an really an bad gift.The girls were also planning to spend their vacation with their family as well.Rose had some work to do in her office.But they get an unexpected twist.But when finally prepare to head off to spend with their family.An unexpected thing happened their flights were cancel.So the girls spend the night at an diner.When the worker thought that they were family.When the girls relized that they are family in an way.

    An very good Christmas Episode.