The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are getting ready to leave on a vacation to the Caribbean. Dorothy implores Sophia to go along with them, citing how worried she'll be about Sophia while they're away. Sophia refuses, saying she's excited that she'll finally be able to "vacuum in the nude." The minute they're out the door, Sophia begins flirting with their Japanese gardener, Mr. Mitsumo.

Upon arriving at their resort, the girls are dismayed to find that the room is nothing like what was advertised in their travel brochure. It is outdated, cramped, dirty, and the view from the window is of a wall. What's more, the militant busboy throws down their luggage and there is no air conditioning.

Meanwhile, back in Miami Sophia is wooing Mr. Mitsumo and teaching him some English. She doesn't care for the sushi dinner he makes, but she tells him that she finds him awfully cute.

If things couldn't get worse, the girls find out that they have to share their bathroom with three men who are just as annoyed with the situation as they. Insults fly and Blanche tells them that they can use the jungle as their bathroom.

Sophia makes an Italian meal for Mr. Mitsumo, who tells her "Sophia…sweet." Sophia tells him that she was married for forty years and her husband spoke perfect English, but he didn't understand her like Mr. Mitsumo. She teaches him the word "kiss," and is about to demonstrate, when the phone rings. Angrily, Sophia picks it up, finds out it's Dorothy, exchanges a pleasantry, and hangs up on her. Then she kisses Mr. Mitsumo.

The three gentlemen apologize for their attitudes toward the girls and offer to buy them a drink. Then they suggest an evening boat cruise. The girls readily agree. Unfortunately, they get caught in a bad storm for several hours and wind up shipwrecked on a deserted island. Amidst the chaos, Rose surprisingly takes charge. Saying she was a "decorated pioneer scout" Rose gives everyone orders and soon they have a fire going. The only problem is, the men disappear. While they're sitting around the fire speculating on the lack of water and how long they have to live, some secrets start coming out. After divulging some scandals, everyone gets angry at each other. Finally, they apologize and Rose breaks into song, she's so relieved. Just at that moment, male voices join their singing. The men have returned and found out that their was a Hyatt Regency right around the place Rose suggested might be a rock formation where there was a waterfall. Here, it emptied into the hotel pool, which was simply on the other side of the same island. The six joyfully go to that hotel in exchange for their dumpy digs. [the end]