The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 15

Valentine's Day

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy and Sophia are sitting at the table in the kitchen eating chocolates. Dorothy is alone because her date canceled for the evening, and as she's bemoaning this to Sophia, Rose comes in and announces drearily that her date has had to cancel as well. Blanche comes in to show off her stunning dress and makes a big deal of feeling sorry for her dateless roommates...until a phone call from her own date informs her that she's alone on Valentine's Day as well. As she pulls up a chair and digs into the chocolates herself, the girls reminisce on Valentine's Days past.

Their first memory brings them back to a year ago, when the three of them accidentally ended up at a "clothing optional" resort when Rose made the reservations. The three were disgusted, until a spirit of adventure prompted them finally to go nude themselves...only to discover too late that everyone dressed for dinner.

Blanche recalls a Valentine's Day in which she sat alone and ordered champagne for two, informing the waiter that this was how her late husband proposed - on Valentine's Day over champagne. A man overhears and they get to talking. Blanche encourages him to propose the same way, even though he insists his situation is different. Moments later, his "boyfriend" walks in the door, and Blanche concedes that maybe things have changed.

Sophia remembers a Valentine's Day in which she took a road trip with Sal and her father and they ended up having car trouble. The trip wasn't going well to begin with, but her husband Sal still managed to pull off a romantic Valentine's Day and surprise her.

At the last minute, the doorbell rings and the girls' three dates show up after all, having connived with Sophia to surprise them and take them out to a special dinner. Meanwhile, Sophia has insisted all along that she has a date, and after the girls leave, Julio Iglesias walks in the door!